What do fruit flies, bees, raccoon’s and wolf-dogs know that we don’t?

What do fruit flies, bees, raccoon’s and wolf-dogs know that we don’t?

I read an article this morning on how one of the newest “Natural” Sweeteners kills fruit flies within days.The more you feed them, the faster they die. It actually started as an experiment by a 6th grader!


This is a sweetener that is touted as a safe alternative to sugar. Hmmm….Stevia has been used for centuries but when the mad scientists start isolating parts of it is when it gets troublesome.

Granted, there is probably some enzyme that fruit flies don’t have…after all, the FDA has approved it for safe use by humans right? Ha Ha..

From way back when, we have used nature to tell us if something was dangerous…think canaries and coal mines.

I know, this brings up the whole animal rights issue but like it or not, right or wrong, I would rather have you test something on a fruit fly than on my grandchildren. I find it really interesting that animals will choose non-GMO food over GMO food..but for some reason these fruit flies actually preferred the erythritol.  I know my dog chooses non-GMO every time…guess Raccoon’s do too LOL


You think Nature Knows?

Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. Our future is non-existent if we do not stop using pesticides that kill Bees.

They do not know that we are spraying neuro-toxin’s on their food. Without pollination, we won’t survive. So unless all of you are ready to put on your Bee suits and start transferring pollen from plant to plant we need to do something about this!

I hate to use them as guinea bees but I hope they do some experiments to see if the ingredient in Truvia, erythritol, harms Bees. Hopefully, it doesn’t. Then maybe they could spray that on the crops and Save the Bees 🙂

I’ve heard that some places are using soda pop as an insecticide. The theory was that bugs came for the sugar and ate the other bugs LOL Knowing that Truvia is in so many products now…Sprite, Fanta, Crystal Light, Old Orchard products, Odwalla, Vitamin waters, Smuckers…the list goes on…I guess we better find out!

I think if we look back, it is pretty clear that they continue to come out with these alcohol sugars…say they are safe until enough people are sick or die and then make a new one. I am going to continue with my personal policy of ingesting as few “man made” sweetener’s as possible, no matter how “Natural” or “Safe” they say they are.

Sometimes I get so frustrated…but I have to admit, we have done this to ourselves by demanding “sugar free” and “calorie free” frankenfoods. We are a society that is addicted to “sweet”. We make no time to exercise or eat properly so we consistently need that “rush” to keep us going.

Our bodies become overgrown with candida which feeds on the sugar leading to more cravings. It decreases our immune system. It becomes “comfort” food as we associate sweets with childhood and good memories…honestly we act like 3 years old’s demanding our sweets all the time! LOL (keep in mind, starches are sugars too) The good news is, we created it so we can choose to create something different.

One last note…I don’t know if labeling laws have changed or what but it seems like when something had an artificial sweetener in it, it used to say it on the front label…or sugar free or something that clued you in to the fact that there was something else in there besides “sugar”. Not any more. I cannot tell you how many things I have picked up and looked at thinking it had no artificial sweeteners in it, only to find out that it did. Read your labels!


PS. Please don’t use pesticides or purchase flowers or plants that have been treated with neonicotinoids. They have been shown to contribute to Colony Collapse Disorder. Save the Bees!! Tks!