Two Nine Year Old Challenges Solved in One Pink Day!

Yesterday was an Amazing day! I woke up, loved on my pup and as I went to put the coffee water on, I asked for guidance…

“What would be most beneficial for me to do today?”

I immediately got a response, “Check craigslist for a massage chair” LOL well it had been on my “to-do” list and I had been checking occasionally but it really hadn’t crossed my mind recently. I had several “blogs” in my head that I needed to write and a training video to make so at first I thought, yeah…I should do that this week…and then I caught myself and said, no…that was a direct message…listen. Do it NOW.

Guess what? There was a used massage chair there…in my price range.

But wait…there’s more! Ha Ha

Let me give you a little background. In 2005, I fell from a horse and landed right where I had previous spinal cord  surgery, fracturing the coccyx and sacrum and entrapping the Pudendal nerves bilaterally. Unfortunately, Pudendal  Nerve Entrapment and Pudendal Neuralgia are not taught in medical schools so most doctors, even specialists like Neurologists and Neurosurgeons know nothing about it.

I was misdiagnosed for four years and then it took another year of testing to confirm the entrapment before surgery could be performed. That is 5 years of having my hand slammed in the car door so to speak, except the Pudendal nerves service the pelvis and genitalia. That may be TMI, sorry but I am trying to raise awareness of this debilitating condition. Although my surgery helped tremendously, getting me out of suicidal pain and a wheelchair, my body is quite limited as I am unable to sit at all now without aggravating the nerves. Aggravated nerves hurt…I can assure you I do everything in my power not to tick them off!

I work reclining in bed, on my knees or standing. Most of the time I’m in bed but am always in awkward positions, twisted to the side to avoid pressure on my sacral area, coccyx and buttocks resulting in more pain from poor body alignment.

Since 2005, much of my day has been spent moving from position to position trying to maintain enough pain control to relax or work. Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals don’t help this type of nerve pain and my body doesn’t tolerate them at all so I’ve tried every cushion, prop, chair, pool noodle duct tape contraption you can think of and I just never found anything that worked. Until yesterday.

I found the ad for the massage chair and shot off an email asking if she still had it, went to get dressed and as I reached for a blue t shirt a pink one JUMPED out at me.

PINK! LOL I had to laugh as I had just introduced a Mentor of mine into a Ladies Mastermind group using a Pink Panther video the night before, so I figured it was just carry over…but Again, I listened. Twenty minutes later I was looking at a “pink” massage chair. But not just any massage chair, this is the “lightest” portable massage chair on the market, I think it is 12 lbs? Could it have been any more perfect for me?

Pink Massage Chair

Driving home with my “pink” massage chair, in my “pink” shirt, I was driving by a Goodwill store when I was told to go in. I was hurting badly and I did NOT want to walk around a store. Especially with NO IDEA what I was looking for. But I listened. I went in and sort of hovered around the front of the store not wanting to walk to the back but I didn’t see anything…so I gradually made my way to the back. Wouldn’t you know it, there was a “pink” water skateboard. I know! I never heard of them either! Ha Ha but the minute I saw it I knew I could cut it in half and use it under my thighs to help me sit with less pressure on the nerves!

And it worked! At least it’s a heck of a lot better than it was!! Now I can work AND drive much more comfortably! I would suggest this for anyone that has difficulty sitting 🙂

Two nine year old challenges solved in one Pink day! All for listening and taking action!

There is only One way to end this post! LOL

Keep Dancing! Katherine

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