Staying Slim without Exercise

Staying Slim without Exercise

There are many reasons that people can be Exercise “Challenged”…You might be too busy or live in a harsh climate with no room for equipment. Perhaps you have physical challenges or maybe you just don’t like to exercise! LOL

I myself Love to exercise but my body does not tolerate it. It has several physical challenges that make it a bit interesting. On good days I can do a little gentle yoga or tai chi…I can play “conductor”…gently…while lying in bed. Believe me, I am GRATEFUL for everything I CAN do! I have come a LONG way…despite not being as kind to my body as I should have been.

Just being able to stand and walk on my own again is a BLESSING! However, my joints are hypermobile so they are constantly subluxing and I have autonomic dysregulation, so when I am upright too long (which might be minutes some days) or try to exercise, my blood pressure and heart rate go sky high hence I am exercise “intolerant”.

The challenge of course is that an extra 10 pounds on MY body feels like 100 so I have to watch my weight. The amount of weight I carry really effects my pain levels but I also need a bit of padding over the ole bones or I get skin breakdown. Always finding that happy medium 🙂

Since I don’t eat much, I make sure I get my nutrition with supplements more than diet. I know, not ideal but meal preparation is an issue and it is what it is. Between shopping and clean-up, juicing is out for me so (update 4/19/15 I eat primarily fruit and some veggies). No more cooking! LOL

For exercise, as I mentioned above, I do some gentle movements and I also utilize Whole Body Vibration. The oscillating type is very gentle and I tolerate it most times. It actually exercises every muscle in your body as you stand there which means that I do not have to risk injuring myself trying to do things I know I shouldn’t.

I still have to limit my time on it (5 minutes max)but it is helping me with my balance and muscle tone. Most people have no idea I spend most of my time in bed when they see me. If I didn’t have to drive to get there and could use it more than once a week who knows what it might do. I need to save up for one 🙂

Another important aspect of staying slim is detoxifying our bodies. Fat holds toxins for us, to protect us. Unfortunately, between our environments, dental work, medical testing using dyes and the gazillion other things we come in contact with it’s no wonder we need a little help getting rid of this stuff.

If you clean up your diet, you will detox. People all over the world are doing it and you can too! You might need some herbs to help the lymph system, I recommend Dr. Robert Morse’s Health Club, you can check him out on YouTube.

You may not have the same challenges I do or you may have more! Either way, please be kind to your body. They are Amazing Creations…but they need certain elements to run well. Be sure you are getting your nutrients, preferably through good organic food. That will keep your body Alkaline.

If you would like more information on Whole Body Vibration please visit http://www.caritasspiritistcenter.org/caritas-integrative-wellness (I am not a sales rep, these sales support a non-profit center here in Boulder that provides me (and others) with free energy healing and esoteric education)