Healing Through Art

Art is many things…it is Creation, Exploration…it helps you connect with feelings and emotions, express Joy or Anguish, it Unites people when they see and feel themselves in someone else’s work…it Heals.

Art can be drawing, painting, stamping, collage, music, poetry, song, wood carving, watercolors, making jewelry, pottery, photography, sculpting, making videos, graphic artistry, the way you express yourself through clothing, lifestyle…it is You expressing You.

I have expressed myself in many ways through the years…most of which was never photographed but with todays technology it makes it so easy to capture the memories. I used to do tole painting, airbrushing, made porcelain dolls, fabric dolls, needlepoint, cross-stich, quilting, twilling, fabric baskets, jewelry, built a gypsy wagon (which I look forward to working on some more this summer!) and of course my stained glass. 

Since my horseback fall in 2005, it has been almost impossible to do my glass. I have managed a few pieces but cannot be upright long enough without major pain for days so I’ve had to let it be. I am working very hard to regain enough strength and pain control to be able to do glass again and I see that I am getting closer every day! I’ve had a few requests for mermaids so I am looking forward to seeing those designs materialize 🙂 

Recently, I joined an Art project called Project Angel <3

Project Angel was created by Atara Schimmel. It is a group of women (we have a guy too!) that want to actively and openly raise awareness about Chronic Pelvic/Genital/Sexual Pain. We want to create and to inspire awareness through many different mediumsincluding social media and all forms of creative and expressive arts. We seek healing, growth and expansion as individuals and as a community. We strive to support and to encourage each other on our journey towards healing and wholeness.

We decided to each choose one word a month and aim towards one piece a week. My first word was Grace. The first piece, Pain introduced me to Grace is so true! The lessons and growth that has come from these experiences have been priceless. We All have our challenges, they may suck at the time but it’s the darnedest thing how they shape and mold us into these Amazing sculptures, maybe a little cracked…but miraculous! LOL

Look, here’s the thing…I’ve been living with this for 10 years now, so I’ve developed some real coping skills and I have a whole toolbox of things that help, Art being one of them. If you are using Art, Poetry, Song, Music etc to express and heal yourself please share at

Why do this? Because people are suffering and Doctors are not being taught how to recognize some of these conditions which leads to years of excruciating pain, botched surgeries, further nerve damage and disability…even suicide. People are fighting for their life every day behind their Smiles, let’s raise some awareness however we can <3 

Here is the best description and anatomy lesson on Pudendal Neuralgia and Pudendal Nerve Entrapment that I have ever heard from a Doctor!

I will be adding more images soon! More from Project Angel and other fun or healing pieces 🙂 If you haven’t let your inner artist out to play in awhile I highy encourage it! You don’t need any special supplies, use what you have. Many of mine are done with Bic pens LOL The point is just to express yourself and have FUN <3






Atara Schimmel, Angel Artist, Art Activist


The Faces of Pelvic Pain. People are fighting for their lives every day behind their smiles.


Creativity by Atara Schimmel
Creativity by Atara Schimmel


By Atara Schimmel



Pain to Grace by Katherine Clement


Grace Butterfly by Katherine Clement


Hope by Lisa Teasdale
Hope by Lisa Teasdale


Just Grace by Katherine Clement
Just Grace by Katherine Clement


I had the Amazing experience of participating in this years (2015) International Soul Art Day! It was a day that artists around the world connect as a whole and do art together. Obviously we can’t all get together physically but we were connected! They did several hangouts throughout the day and had some guides to help you get the most out of your piece. We all started by choosing two body parts. One that was Challenging to us and one that we Loved (we Love all of ourselves but you know what I mean). Having had excruiciating pelvic pain for the past 10 years, I chose my pelvis of course and my Healing Hands. I will be honest, it was a challenging day for me. I had overdone it the day before and started out with little more than the urge to participate.

I put some music on and jumped into the flow. Next thing I knew I found a paper sack and a little while later remembered some fabric scraps I had. After digging through boxes to find them I spent hours connecting with the fabric, finding the right pieces to fit together. As I saw the Spirit Animals start to appear in the designs I knew I was on the right track! 

What did I learn from participating? To Trust the Process! I had no supplies and no ideas but what emerged was a Beautiful Personal Healing tool.  My Soul reminded me that sometimes we need a proxy when trying to heal ourselves, so now I have the Perfect one!

As Always, as We Heal Ourselves, We Heal the World <3

This is an annual event so I Highly recommend you participate next year! I will but I will have more supplies on hand! LOL

For more information on International Soul Art Day please visit

Please visit the Soul Art Gallery and enjoy all of the Amazing pieces that were created that day! 

I am Honored to say that my piece made it into the gallery too!   

A Huge Thank you and HUG to Everyone that participated!! 

As We Heal Ourselves We Heal the World
As We Heal Ourselves We Heal the World
Katherine Clement
Sacred Sisters
Sacred Sisters by Atara Schimmel


Soul Sisters by Atara Schimmel
Soul Sisters by Atara Schimmel

God Bless all my PN Sisters and everyone out there in pain of any kind, keep searching and stay open to possibilities in your life. Doing Art really DOES help distract from the pain. Since I haven’t been able to do glass for years I have been playing with other art forms that I can do from bed. 

One that I am really enjoying is called Weavesilk. It is a FREE program that you can do on your computer or your phone and you can make some really cool designs with it! 

Go to and have some FUN!






central sun




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