Faith it ’til You Make It!

Faith is a word that holds different meanings for many people. Most associate it with some branch of religion or belief system. As I do not follow a certain religion or belief system, I do not. I do however have Faith.

I have had many experiences in my life which lead me to have Faith or KNOW that everything is as it should be. I may question it at the time but when all the dust settles there is always a Gift in the dustpan.

I have no fears about “the BIG picture” my Faith there is unshakable.

On the human level though? Not so much…It seems that as much Faith as I have that everything is as it should be, I began to lose faith here in the day to day.

I lost my faith in network and affiliate marketing as all I saw was corruption. Promise after empty promise, I watched as people lost their relationships, their homes and their dignity falling prey to the heavy hitters.

I lost my faith in teamwork as I just didn’t see it happening. All you ever heard was Team this and Team that but come to find out it was only to fill the leaders pockets from t-shirts, “trainings” and affiliate programs.

Worst of all, I lost faith in my ability to make good decisions. I questioned if everything so many people had told me about the industry was right? Was it all a Scam? Would I really have to treat people like numbers? Learn to hypnotize them and coerce them to buy my products? Shame and Fear them into joining my team?

At first, they seemed to have the answer, they were successful in manifesting their Dreams right? They speak of helping people, changing lives, uplifting and empowering people…Perfect! But I missed the biggest consideration…HOW did they do it? Was it in alignment with MY values?

Call me naive but I didn’t realize how carefully crafted their presentations were. They know the words to use, how to manipulate people with their stories. They are like someone leaving breadcrumbs for hungry birds that lead right into the oven.

Then I was introduced to Mentoring for Free. Thank you Ron Tarlton! It didn’t take long to see how different this group of people is. Their willingness to help one another, support one another….Believe in each other. When you have people that believe in you….REALLY believe in you (not just say the words with glazed over eyes because you know it sells people)…it makes a big difference.

I realized that it was not the industry at all. I had not been duped The opportunity that this industry provides for a normal someone like me is without comparison to anything else out there. It is the only way that many people will ever be able to get off of disability…what else can you do from bed? What else can you do and not lose 8-16 hours a day away from your Loved ones?

But not if it doesn’t work. Not if it shatters Dreams. Why do SO many fail??

I used to think it was lack of action…and sometimes that definitely contributes but I have come to understand that it is lack of Faith more than action. You can take all the action you want but if you don’t have Faith that it will work, it won’t.

You can talk to people all day but if you don’t have Faith in your Team, company and your products you won’t get very far. You don’t have to hype them, they will feel your Faith, sincerity and integrity or…they will feel your agenda.

See the Great thing about Faith, is that you can build it. Napoleon Hill says that you can create Faith by using your Self Talk. Just like any other belief, you can change it through repetition and reprogramming.

Many people teach, “Fake it ’til you Make it!” but faking never felt good to me and I’m POSITIVE others felt it.

My advice is, “Faith it ’til you Make it!” Believe with all of your Being that everything you desire is already here for you. KNOW that if you just take daily steps, connect with people, stay close to the fire, say your Self Talk, Serve people, Live from your Heart and Help people achieve their Dreams…All of Your Dreams will come True <3

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