AHA moments come at the strangest times!

AHA moments come at the strangest times!

Isn’t it strange how Life reveals itself to us?

This morning on our Mastermind Hangout, Sandy had
an AHA moment with something that was said. Even
though she had heard it a THOUSAND times before
and I’m sure taught it a thousand times as well…

Today was different…it sunk in deeper.

I find it Fascinating how One moment can change Everthing!

We were discussing The New PsychoCybernetics where
he is speaking about how important Forgiveness is to
removing emotional scars.

Sometimes it is “one” moment that we need to forgive.
Sometimes it is many moments…sometimes it is Lifetimes.

We talked about how we are mirrors for each other and
when we keep experiencing the same person in a different
body or keep running into the same emotions, we need
to explore that.

Instead of just saying “So and So makes me feel like…”
We need to recognize that no one makes us feel anything.
We choose how we look at a situation and in every moment
we can choose to change our perspective.

You may think this doesn’t affect you or your business
but if you are having any challenges you can rest assured
there is a mindset component. You can learn every marketing
technique, ninja FB strategy, social media domination skills
that you want but if your mindset and selftalk are not right,
no one will click. You need to be able to communicate with
people of all personality types in an effective manner.

How can you run a successful business if you are afraid
to pick up the phone? If you feel you don’t deserve
success? Or if you have control issues with people?

Often times these triggers are coming from our childhood.
We may not remember what caused the initial trauma but
it’s there. Thankfully, people around us trigger it for
us so that we can see it and release it.

It is often the simplest of things that triggers the AHA!
A shared experience, a quote, a song, a blog post,
a hangout…or even scrubbing the floor!

A few weeks ago, I was helping a friend while she was away
and I noticed that something had been spilled on her kitchen
floor. I thought it would be nice, since I had time, to
get that up for her.

I have never been one to use a mop…I always just use a
washcloth down on my hands and knees. Never thought much
about it other than I thought it does a better job. So I
mixed up some cleaning solution and went to it. It didn’t
even budge. I had no idea what it was but it wasn’t coming
off with what I had.

The next thing I knew, I was scrubbing my little heart out
(key word “little”) with a scratchy pad, determined to get
this floor clean. Now, being twice out of a wheelchair,
manual floor scrubbing is not my strongest skill LOL so
while I was down there, it occurred to me that this was
not helping a friend…this was a Mission!

Why was it SO important to me to get that floor absolutely
clean? Obviously this stain had been here a long time and
my friend was ok with it, why wasn’t I?

And then it hit me…when I was about eleven…I went to
stay overnight with a friend. Her Dad was an alcoholic.
Our job was to clean up the kitchen after supper and so
we washed the dishes, swept and mopped the floor but evidently
not to his liking. He came into the kitchen, looked at our
work, started screaming at us, stormed out of the room and
came back with his shotgun, shooting as he came into
the kitchen.

Thank God, we lived in the South, it was hot as you know what and
the backdoor was wide open so we took off running as fast as
we could. We weren’t injured, or so we thought.

Isn’t it Amazing how 39 years later, something like that
reveals itself as an unhealthy obsession with making sure
the floor is spotless?

I tell you this to remind you (and myself) that so much of
what we do and how we act and react has absolutely nothing
to do with what is happening in the Now.

This is why we need people and situations to mirror things
for us, to bring them to the surface so they can be Forgiven.

As Samantha so eloquently put it…

“Forgiveness is just Releasing it”

I agree. We have to choose what we will carry. It’s funny,
although this may sound a bit extreme…at the time, I never
gave it much thought. Certainly never held anything against him,
just made sure the floor was spotless from there on out LOL

I thought it was forgiven and forgotten…although I must admit,
I do not drink a drop, I have never had much patience for alcoholics
and I tend to duck and run when people get loud LOL

So who do I forgive now? The raging alcoholic who was living
in his self-created Hades…who only knew how to lash out in pain
because thats what he lived with every moment of every day
of his life?

Or do I Thank him…for showing me an existence that I never
wanted to experience. I am eternally Grateful!

Do I forgive myself? For carrying that fear inside of myself,
without even knowing…affecting my body and relationships,
especially for all those dang floors I got down on my hands
and knees scrubbing all my life? LOL

Honestly, I don’t think there is any forgiveness needed…
Just Love. Love to him, Love to me, Love to that 11 year old <3

Oh! and I’m buying a mop! LOL
Thank you clipartreview.com for the cute pic!

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