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Get to know me a bit…

Hi there! My name is Katherine Clement…Welcome to my Blog 🙂

After filling up notebook after notebook, I decided to give my friends the Trees a break and switch to pixels 🙂

I truly enjoy it, although the techie stuff wears on me sometimes. Thankfully, I am gaining skills and it’s getting easier all the time!

Anyway, I wanted to blog and let people know that…

I have returned to the world of the Living! The last ten years of my life have been both the best and worst…

I grew in such Enormous ways…Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Energetically…its really been an amazing experience! LOL

Growth often comes through Challenge…and as such, I also experienced the lowest of lows…a body wracked with nerve pain, disabled, isolated…and yet continued to reach and grow, seeking freedom through my Spirit…

I found it…and then realized that I not only wanted Freedom in Spirit…I wanted it in my body! So, I set about Healing it.

The problem was…the more I focused on Healing…the more needed to be healed! LOL I finally realized that my focus was misplaced. I needed to focus on Wellness and on Dreaming again…focusing on what I wanted, giving my body what it needs and let the Universe care for the rest.

Having been an RN for 20 years along with working for a Naturopath and my own “Alternative” studies taught me that the body is an Amazing creation! It can heal from anything. ..but it needs some help from us through nutrition, movement and especially mindset.

Energy work is Key! I cannot tell you how many times I have been put in the position where that is the ONLY thing I can do. Thats not an area I have been real open about in my life…but Spirit says that needs to change. I’ve been working with energy since childhood and always assumed everyone else was too. I think a lot of us are starting to come out of the closet so to speak LOL

I have explored many paths to Healing …I have come full circle to Allowing Wellness. It was a big circle. LOL

My interests and hobbies are all over the place so no telling what I will blog about…whatever it is, hope it helps or makes you Smile 🙂 I have a bunch of posts that I will be moving here from my other blog, everything from Holistic Health (I specialize in pain) to business tips, Spirituality. Energy and a lot of FUN in the middle 🙂

Check out my Glass Art page for my stained glass and be sure to enjoy the Beautiful art of Project Angel 🙂 I am honored to be part of a group of people who are healing through art and helping bring Awareness to Chronic Pelvic Pain. 🙂

I am an Avid Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and am definitely open to accepting Bitcoin and some Altcoins!

Bitcoin Gladly Accepted & Appreciated! 19pe1KNKoWLRRsQgGEzi8aJkCfgPJTZFvc

OneCoin Gladly Accepted & Appreciated!!
Ask me for e-wallet info 🙂

HUGS, Katherine & Sequoia

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  • Umer

    Kindly let me know how you will receive the onecoin as a payment. Kindly give me the details. thanks.

    • Katherine Clement

      Hello Umer, at this time I can only accept OneCoin from other members since it is still by private invitation. We will be going public in 2018 and then you could simply purchase some from the exchange if you wish. Thank you

    • Hmmm I replied but I don’t see it here, sorry if you get this twice. At this time OneCoin is still by private invite only so I can only receive from other members but we will be going public in 2018. Thank you 🙂