YOU can help SAVE WOLVES in less than one minute a day!

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to protecting both wolves in captivity and in the wild from extinction.

WMS was founded in 1976 by Tonya Littlewolf, and runs solely on donations from those who value these majestic creatures.

Due to the heat and toxicity of the land where the compound is currently, Tonyas dream is to be able to move the wolves to a more northern climate, somewhere where they can run freely but still be protected and cared for.

These are not wild wolves. These are wolves that have been bred as “pets” but Wolves do not make good pets!! Well, at least not for most people…they are Amazing, Loving creatures to those who know how to handle them but even still they are Wild at Heart!


Wolf Mountain Sanctuary does a fantastic job of educating the public about wolves and caring for these Beautiful creatures but it takes fresh meat daily, medical bills arise etc…they need help!

You can help raise funds for them by simply going to and CLICKING DAILY. This takes less than a minute a day and can help them raise thousands of dollars a month if people will just click!

They are also running a promotion where you can donate $20 and receive an 8×10 image of your favorite wolf via email đŸ™‚ For more information please go to their Facebook page

Or if you would prefer, they have a GoFund Me

If Wolves hold a special place in your heart, please help in any way you can, Thank you!! Katherine and Sequoia (wolf dog)