Who’s Driving Your Train?

It’s funny, for years all we heard of was the “Secret”…then another wave of teaching came along saying the “Secret” was incomplete…that they didn’t include the emotional involvement that is required to activate this “Law of Atrraction”.

I guess they never read Think and Grow Rich!

We are born into a world of programming. As humans, we are probably the most helpless infant of any species and as such are completely dependent on whatever “guidance” we may receive, regardless of how helpful or hurtful that is.

As children, our survival depends on pleasing our caretakers. We quickly learn what brings praise and what brings punishment, often from extremely emotionally charged situations. Sometimes so full of energy that we don’t even realize they are there because we have unconsciously buried them in an attempt not to feel them. Yet they still govern us.

Imagine the simplest of examples…most of us are taught “it is better to give rather than receive”…which is a bit of a twist because you can’t give if someone isn’t there to receive. We always like to compartmentalize things as “good” and “bad” but we wouldn’t know the difference without the contrast so it’s all good.

I see many people who have more “outflow” than “inflow”…they are in debt, unemployed, barely employed or maybe fully employed yet their out exceeds their in. According to our childhood lesson, this is exemplary behavior isn’t it??Give more than you receive. Hmmm…

Or what about, “Never eat in front of someone if you don’t have enough to share”. Let’s say Grandma made a delicious meal, your favorite dish! You’ve been outside playing all day and it feels like your stomach is eating itself! Your mouth is literally watering from the waves of deliciousness wafting out of the kitchen…when suddenly the doorbell rings. Company has unexpectedly arrived. There is not enough food for everyone to even get a bite so dinner is stuffed in the oven to be eaten when the company is gone. As a child a minute seems like an hour so your little belly aches while you silently wait…and wait…and wait….because it is the “good” thing to do.

Always put others first….it’s “bad” to have more than someone else…you must wait and be good to get your rewards…don’t be a cry baby…be seen and not heard…you should be ashamed of yourself for wanting “more” when so many go without…how can you be so selfish…you should be grateful for every tiny morsel!

We picked up many more messages than we realize.

They aren’t the loud voice of doubt that we sometimes express to ourselves when we face a challenge, those are easy to recognize…easy enough to say “Stop it!” to…no this comes in a whisper that speaks with such authority that we immediately bend to its will without even knowing it.

Not to say that you shouldn’t give or be grateful, of course you should but can you see that we must also learn to receive and to be “OK” with wanting? All of those “lessons” we learned as children have merit. But consider the emotion and “literal” understanding of the child that was learning them.

Is it possible that these very lessons are what hold us back in our lives and our businesses?

This is why we mastermind and read books like this. We must recognize the patterns that govern us and use autosuggestion to rewrite those scripts. We must STOP the loud voice so that we can hear the whispers…the ones driving us and the ones leading us.

If we are to overwrite the original programming, we must speak and feel our self talk with as much or more Emotion as that little child felt when the lesson was first obtained. For some, that may be life threatening fear, shame, feelings of abandonment…the power of these emotions must be acknowledged if we are to understand why we “Re-Act” as we do.

Can you see why just repeating our affirmations is not going to get it? Thats like putting a penny on a railroad track and expecting it to stop the train. The good news is, once revealed the power of that locomotive is free to be utilized however you wish! You can remember the intensity of that feeling and redirect it in a conscious way.

Emotions are Energy, vibration. We can utilize them as a guidance system and as a tool once we understand their power.

The question is, who is driving your train?

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  • Such an insightful post Katherine! Emotions ARE energy and I am working
    to better understand their power. We adults tend to complicate
    things. I will be looking into your 30-day cleanse site!

    • Thank you Dawn! I am learning every day just how powerful they are! Yes, we do! LOL I am really striving to Simplify myself 🙂 Oh, I hope you do, I cannot express how life changing it is for everyone that does. Its seems so simple…yet it is the most Powerful thing to Mastermind with others on this information. It is WAY different than just reading the book. Hope to see you in there!! 🙂