What’s On Your Etch-A-Sketch?

One of the most Fascinating things about being Human is our Imagination.

As I was reading and commenting on a “pre-Mastermind” discussion today, that little theater in my mind imagined an Etch-A-Sketch LOL Do you remember them?? One of my favorites!

We are reading The New PsychoCybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and he is discussing the importance of and suggesting ways for us to “reset” ourselves between events…even moments. (If you would like to join us in reading this book please go to SaturdayMorningMastermind.com We hangout at 10a EST Sat mornings.)

Often times we carry one situation to the next. We are upset over “insert your favorite pet peeve here” and the next thing we know we are still thinking of it days or decades later. Like that accomplishes something! LOL We get upset over one thing and allow that emotion to effect our next action…which often has nothing to do with the last situation.

A tough day at work becomes an overwhelmed spouse/parent as they carry the stress from one place to another and take out their frustration on those that they love. Even our “innerchild” hold the reins sometimes and it makes for a pretty bumpy ride.

This is why it’s so important to “reset” ourselves. We cannot function effectively if we are always “reACTING” the same emotion over and over. It is really simple and can be done in seconds with a little practice. There are many techniques you can use, you just have to find one you like…and use it! LOL

He describes an Entertainer that at the one minute call closes his eyes, snaps his fingers and Imagines his perfect performance with a cheering adoring audience, snaps his fingers again, comes back to the present and then walks on stage.

Being able to go back into a memory and bring it forward or even inventing a “memory” can give us the Emotion that we need to get through many situations. Whether we need to step out on stage, intervene in an emergency or comfort a friend or teammate, we can reach for the emotion we want to feel and bring it to the present moment. All emotions can be motivating.

Any time we experience an emotion we find undesirable, we have a choice. We can choose to draw a big picture about it…with all the little details, taking hours, days and years to complete a picture that just pisses us off…or we can draw one that we like.

We can draw whatever we want on our Etch-A-Sketch…and if we mess up, we can just “shake it” and start over. Every moment if need be. Eventually, if we keep honing our skills, learn how to take our time and choose where we put our attention and lines…we can create a true piece of art!

If we need compassion, we draw on that. If we need inspiration we draw on that, whatever “that” looks like to us.

If we need to “Flow like Water” we can draw Bruce!! LOL


I am honing my skills by participating in Mindset activities like this one and others as well.Whenever I find my mind scattered or focusing on the wrong thing, I immediately go into my Self-Talk. That way I know I am doing something beneficial until my next course of action becomes clear.

It brings me back into the Now. Stops any chatter and gets me back on track very quickly…stepping into that positive emotion that the Self Talk creates.

The point is, be selective. Use your emotions to enhance your existence not destroy it. If you have an undesirable experience, no matter how big or small, you still decide how long you will work on that drawing.

In any moment, you can choose to draw something else…draw something Spectacular!

Etching away, Katherine

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Thank you for the Awesome Video and screenshot etchmaster.blogspot.com !!
You have MAD skills!!