What Color are you? You might be Surprised!

Every day I discover things about myself that I never knew…even after all these years, I am still in Awe of how the journey unfolds before my eyes. The way that our minds and energy connect with each other…

Do you feel completely “in sync” with the people you have surrounded yourself with? Do you spend enough time with your Mastermind and share enough details to really know each other? Have you connected ?

I was on a call the other day and everyone there was connected. The word pictures that were presented flooded us All with memories and feelings…even though we are all different, we could “feel” and relate to the “human” that wrote them. As the line opened for comments people flooded in saying, “me too, me too”.

We used those emotions to connect with each other, to bond…and also to fuel our common mission of providing service to others. Anguish moves people…and it is heart warming to offer a soft place to fall.

In our group, one of the things we discuss is personality colors. We learn how to identify the four basic personality types, primarily by “listening” to people. Whether on the phone or by email we “connect” with them and listen to what they need, then do our best to give it to them. Often times it is our Belief that they need most.

Michael Dlouhy wrote a book on the 4 Color Personalities and is Amazingly accurate at identifying someone’s color within minutes, sometimes seconds.

When I first heard the Colors cd…I had to laugh. It made so much sense LOL I immediately identified myself as a yellow based on what Michael teaches. I had all the characteristics! I was a nurse for 20 years…dress plainly, always putting others first, a great listener, a giver…a caretaker…open but not too much…hesitant to speak until I know someone…yep yep…thats me!

Then one day on a call, Michael asked for comments and when I made mine, he told me I was a Blue.

I was shocked! LOL I think I even disagreed with him! I said something like, “Really? I thought I was a Yellow trying to be a Blue!” Little did I know of his Master Jedi Color Detecting Skills!

I went about my way, convinced I was a yellow. I knew that my “introverted” ways were never going to get me anywhere with an online presence though so I had been forcing myself to come out of my shell over the last year…learning how to make videos and write blog posts…expressing myself through my writing, connecting with others and hopefully sharing some things that helped people.

On a subsequent call, Michael explained that sometimes a blue might think they are a yellow because they have been stifled. They were forced into roles because of conditioning or circumstances and just became Yellow to make the best of it. Blues just want to have fun so if they need to be a chamelion so that they can continue to have fun while they do yellow, green and red activities…thats what they do.

When he said those words, it was like things went into slow motion for a minute…I looked around the room and saw my stained glass fairys hanging there, the ones I Love to make? Don’t forget the elven dolls, had to make those for the Grandbabies…the books on my shelf are a mix of mindset, health and fantasy…the tapestry that covers my closet is a Magical forest of fairies and Pan. There is my Cello, “Olivia”…and my singing bowl…for Gods sake I lived in my Gypsy Wagon at elevation, off grid. I still live in a tiny home semi- off grid 🙂 It’s Fun!

My posts on Facebook are more about making people SMILE than anything…I promote Peace and Harmony because I can’t stand anything less! LOL I live almost completely isolated because I can’t stand to be around people who are making their life anything less than fun! I can always turn off the computer and be in complete silence except for the sounds of nature around me. That is FUN to me!

Michaels words made sense to me…of course I’m a Blue! I do have a lot of Yellow, no doubt, but as a child, I was always having fun, even if I had to be perfectly still and silent I was still off on a Grand Adventure in my head. As a young mother I had to become the Yellow nurturer. As an RN, I had to become Green in my ability to absorb knowledge and quest for the answers that would best help those in my care…lots of Yellow to be the kind and heartfelt caretaker that I needed to be. I learned how to channel Red when I needed to take charge of an emergency situation, all the color traits have their strengths and weaknesses.

So how is it…that Michael knew me better than I knew myself? There are very clear signs when you know what to look and listen for…although as you can see it is easy to take on other colors so sometimes, it is more of a feeling. A vibration of someone that you pick up on. Its the way they “feel” to your body. Do they make you feel warm and fuzzy? Does your energy reach out to block their abrasiveness? Do they feel distant or can you feel their energy and passion tingling through your body? Sometimes, we pick up on “familiar” energy…something we have felt in the past that even though the person doesn’t speak about it, we know its there because we’ve felt it before.

I hadn’t dreamed of being a nurse all my life. I didn’t even care for western medicine, I had always used herbal remedies, nutrition, bodywork and energy work…but we were hungry. I would do whatever I needed to do. Hunger moves people.

I chose to work with Premature babies in Intensive Care. I know…not anyones idea of fun…but I Loved the Babies. I always made it as “fun” as possible by introducing music to the unit and decorating for the parents…making footprint pictures and greeting cards from baby to parent…when I did home health with kids on ventilators I took them to swimming pools and Easter seal events, playgrounds and horseback riding. I got them dirty much to their parents dismay but I was determined those kids were going to have fun!

As much as I Loved my babies and kiddos, 20 years of nursing wore on me. I had some moral issues with what we did much of the time and my heart was heavy. After years of having a solid roof over my head and becoming accustomed to a decent income…not to mention having to say goodbye to my babies..I would not have voluntarily given it up. Sometimes, God has different plans for us…in my case, I guess it was flying off of a horse

Little did I know, the Gifts that would come from such a painful experience. One is that I get to lay here writing to you…something I Always dreamed of doing…funny how that works isn’t it? Now, I realize there are easier ways to go about following my Dreams! LOL

You might be thinking, well thats great if it helps me talk to people but whats the big deal? Knowing your “own” color? Well…I’m not sure how to explain it but there is a “freeing” feeling about it. See…if I am a Yellow and want to goof off or have fun, it’s sort of a …”bad” thing. It’s irresponsible and time wasting and I’m more likely to refuse myself that pleasure for the sake of getting more work done. But if I am a Blue, I realize I MUST have Fun or it’s just not going to work! So planning Fun into my day is part of my work…and it is LOL!

I have FUN writing…Love it! I Love sharing things that have helped me understand myself and those around me better. One of my missions is promoting Peace and Harmony but I know it starts with me. If we can all just have FUN and be Peaceful within, I know that we can step into a Brighter tomorrow for ourselves and our Planet. Knowing colors definitely leads to having more peace!

This isn’t just about business…it’s about People. Dropping judgements because people are not just like us. Recognizing, Respecting and Encouraging differences among us. Embracing our unique talents and allowing each of us to show our true colors. Now, the characteristics about people that I didn’t understand? It all makes sense!

If you would like more information on the 4 personality types as taught by Michael Dlouhy, please contact Ron Tarlton at http://rontarlton.bigmlmsecrets.com , you will be glad you did!!