Were you one of the 5 Million whose Gmail account was recently compromised?

Do you have a Gmail account? Have you checked it to make sure it wasn’t one of the 5 Million that were compromised? I will provide a link below where you can go check for free! Thankfully, mine wasn’t! I remember hearing something about this and I think I changed my password at the time but I didn’t know there was a way to check my email to see if it had been effected. Thank you LastPass.com!

I was speaking with Mark Pierce, the man who provides my wordpress blog security for me, about passwords and asked for a solution to my 15 notebooks with 1000’s of various notes sprinkled with my websites and passwords LOL Talk about needing to get organized!! I had no idea when I started this internet journey that I would wind up with so many!!

I have attempted a few times to get them in one spot and considered making a file with them all alphabetized but I wasn’t sure how to keep it secure on my computer. I asked Mark what he recommends and he immediately suggested LastPass.com.

I knew there were programs out there like this, that organize and keep your passwords for you, but I just wasn’t sure how safe they were. If you don’t know Mark, he LIVES online security! So if he tells me something is Safe, I believe him!

I have to say, I am SO relieved to find a way to keep up with these things. I waste a lot of time by not being better organized. Part of the learning curve that I am finally catching up with 🙂

So if you haven’t already, go check your gmail at http://lastpass.com/gmail/

If you need a system for your passwords go to LastPass.com

Be sure to check out Marks YouTube channel for videos on Security for your computer as well, you will find he provides much value with both free and paid services. If you use or visit a WordPress blogging platform, you REALLY need to speak with him!


Have a Great week and Stay Safe out there!