Watch your Words in your Why!

I want to start by saying, I shared my “Why” with my team
recently to encourage them to actually write out their
whys and one of them asked if I was going to share it
publically. I said I wasn’t sure since there is some
“personal” stuff in there.

After giving it some thought, I decided why not…
but when I went to make this blog post
I realized there were a lot of “I want to’s” in there.
I had to totally rewrite my why and replace want to’s and
would love to’s with wills, try’s with am’s and wishes
with visions. My why didn’t change but I realized
my words sure needed to, they are more powerful than we know!

I was actually amazed at how much I had to change…
if you have one written, watch your words. Your why isn’t
just what drives your business…it’s what gets you out
of bed everyday.

My why isn’t all about mansions, yachts and ferrari’s.

I have 5 Grandchildren 🙂

I was doing some mindset work recently and was asked what
my one regret would be…I said not spending more time
with my kids. Less work, more family time.

I thought I was doing the right thing…setting the example
of doing what it takes, working hard.

Now I am teaching my kids to work smart and spend as much
time with their kids as they can!

That Life is about living, experiencing and sharing memories
not working night and day just to get by. I raised them with
the belief that they could do anything they set their mind to
and then gifted them my poverty mindset as an added bonus.

I am revising my lessons 🙂

I foresee a time when finance is no longer a concern. When
we can live wherever we like, visit each other as often as
we want to and travel together wherever we choose.

We have discussed a large property that would give us all
enough space but be close enough to help one another. A place
to grow food and animals, Gypsy Vanners would be nice! 🙂
Mostly a place to grow kids…it takes a village.

In order to keep up with grandkids and my team, my body
will be healthy and strong, I will be completely
comfortable and have more than enough energy to help.

I am acquiring things that bring that comfort…therapies,
supplements, food, tools. My body is continually getting
stronger and healthier, more comfortable and at ease.

I see myself in a home. Somewhere I can hang my hat. I lost my
last one after the accident. After working all those years my
savings were gone in the blink of an eye. As Grateful as I am now,
I can feel that HUGE sigh of relief when I never have to worry
about losing my home again. I see it…Paid in full 🙂

I recently had the opportunity to have my eldest granddaughter for
an extended visit and I was unable to have her.

This is a child I dearly love and hardly ever get to see and
it would have been Amazingly wonderful but I felt I didn’t have
the energy or accomodations for her. I will never feel that again!

I can hear the giggles, see the Smiles, feel my heart swell and
taste the Happy tears as we share the Joy of serving others by
hosting a Challenge Air Event as a family. Having the financial
freedom and network of friends to be able to change hundreds of
lives forever in one day. Priceless!

I am setting a better example. Learning how to communicate better.
Helping others learn how to communicate better.

Which brings me to another why…I am promoting and investing
in clean energy. Supporting organizations that are making a
difference in taking our world into peace and sustainability
and doing my part by living green.

We are doing this. It takes communication and cooperation…
people connecting…helping one another, playing
our parts whatever they may be, all over the world.

We are working together to create a Beautiful future for our
families and our planet.

So…one of you can have the ferrari…I’m going to be driving
an old Chevy truck running on hemp biofuel 🙂 Thats not a
poverty mindset, I’m just a Southern girl that loves old trucks!
LOL well ok, we can modify a ’73 stingray convertible too 🙂

Please share your why so we can join our energies in creating
our future <3