Thoughts are Things! Like Cabins!

Thoughts are Things! Like Cabins!

Chapter 1- Thoughts are Things (30 day Mental Cleanse assignment for T&GR)

A Powerful way to start a book! I have to give it up for Mr. Hill’s courage to write this book in his day! We have come a looooong way in realizing how much our thoughts influence our reality but this was written quite a while
ago LOL

Thoughts ARE things! They are Memories of Joy, Sadness, Grief, Triumph…they are also Messages, if we listen…Guidance from…whatever you want to call it AND they are Actions…whether we control them or not.

Thoughts can make or break us, it’s as Simple as that. We can use them constructively or destructively, for or against ourselves. They work the same regardless.

Hill gives the example of several people, including a small child, that sets their “thoughts” heart and soul…to accomplish a task or Dream. It doesn’t have to be a business goal. It could be attaining something you have always wanted, or wanted to do…or perhaps it is healing a relationship with someone. We can use our minds to bring about what we want or we can let them work unattended and probably get a bunch of stuff we don’t want!

I can look back at so many times in my life where this was proven to me. The one that comes to mind today is my cabin in Bailey, Colorado.

I am told that starting at about age Two, I began taking the “C” encyclopedia off of the bookshelf and would open it up and point to pictures of the Colorado Mountains with Great excitement and Joy.

This is where my visualization began.

My entire life I felt drawn to Colorado but I was a young Mom struggling to put food on the table. Travel wasn’t in the budget. I made excuse after excuse and said, “When the kids are this old….or When I have this much in the bank I will go” but that never happened.

There was always “something” in the way. I became an RN and then I had the money but I was working three jobs, on call and caring for my family. I married and then “We” planned…when this, when that.

It never happened.

The story of how I came to Colorado is for another day though. Today I want to speak of my cabin 🙂 In my Dreams, I had been “In-visioning” living in a log cabin nestled quietly in the Colorado mountains. There was no drywall, just wood inside and out. It felt like it was part of the land and I felt grounded and sheltered there, fed by the Silence and the Beauty.

When I finally got to Colorado, being a Native Floridian, I had never driven in snow LOL So I lived in Denver for a year and everytime it would snow, I would take off up into the mountains to make sure I could handle it.

Now my Vision had become Reality. I could see the mountains, even drive around in them, but I still didn’t have my cabin. After a year, when I felt really solid in snow and the time felt right, I contacted a Realtor. I told her that I was looking for mountain property and wanted to have a cabin built with driveway, well, septic…everything complete, for 85k.

She LAUGHED at me LOL She said there is NO way I can even touch a piece of property for that, much less get anything on it.

Didn’ I had been Dreaming of this for too long. I KNEW it was going to happen, I could FEEL it with every part of my being as if it already had.

I told her not to worry about what she thought she could or couldn’t find just to look and contact me when she found it. I would never compare myself to Mr. Ford but I was that adamant. He told his engineers to build an 8 cylinder engine and even though they could not conceive it themselves, He KNEW it could be done.

Up until that point, I had held the vision but I hadn’t focused on the vision. I got off of the phone with the Realtor and immediately went into a complete In-mersion of myself into that cabin. It wasn’t that I saw every detail of it but I saw the View. I smelled the wood of the house and I inhaled the crystal clean air that seemed to sparkle and revitalize me. I felt the warmth and coziness of my cabin and I heard my childrens voices giggling in the background. I felt the exhilaration of building from the ground up. Choosing EXACTLY what I wanted to call Home…and I called
out to that property…

Three days later, the Realtor phoned. She was Astonished that she had found a piece of property that would be Perfect for a cabin….and she had found a company that would build it from the ground up…the whole package well…septic…gravel drive. She had taken a look at some of their packages and depending on what floorplan I chose, I could get the whole deal for 85k.

Imagine that! LOL I wasn’t even surprised…I knew it, like I knew my own name. I was GRATEFUL, Excited and OverJoyed…but I wasn’t surprised.

That cabin was a Home, not nearly for long enough but thats ok…I know that I am Always exactly where I need to be. I will admit that I still have a lot to learn and now I hold a different vision. I will continue In-Visioning my future as I want it to be and taking daily steps to make it so.

I KNOW that when the time is right, when I am Truly ready…everything can change overnight. Just as Hill said, “WHEN RICHES BEGIN TO COME THEY COME SO QUICKLY, IN SUCH GREAT ABUNDANCE, THAT ONE

Our Thoughts ARE Things! Pay attention to them, use them, monitor them, filter them, Ignore them sometimes,reprogram them…realize that they create our Reality. The ones we speak, think, write, listen to, give energy to, rerun over and over…these are creating our future and the futures of those that we Love. Be mindful of where you place your focus.

Much Love and Gratitude to my MFF Family <3


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  • Great post Katherine!

    For a long time my husband and I put off our dreams for some of the same reasons, family, finances, work, etc…

    It wasn’t until after we had survived many life struggles that we realized we could just ‘go for it’ and figure things out along the way.

    We’ve been fulltime RVers now for a little over a year and that never would have happened if we had not first visualized it as a reality and made the decision to do something about it!

    You said 1 thing that I think most people miss when they are trying to make their visualizations a reality.

    You took action toward what you wanted.

    Most people complain and say that visualization doesn’t work for them. I think the main reason is because they don’t actually do anything

    If all anyone ever does is sit around and think, nothing will ever happen.

    If you truly want your thoughts to become things you have to begin moving.

    The universe wants you to have what you desire, but if you don’t start taking some sort of action, there won’t be nearly as many openings in the energy around you to open up a path for your visualizations to flow to you.

    Just like you we saying Katherine, you took the first steps.

    You moved to Colorado, you began driving around in the snow and up in the mountains, you determined how much money you could put into your project to begin with, and you called a realtor.

    Because of all these things, you began moving in the direction of your cabin, you opened up the possible paths for it to come to you.

    If you had stayed in Florida simply thinking about a cabin, it would have been far less easy for the universe to line up ‘just so’ in order for it to happen for you!

    Thoughts CAN become things but you’ve got to do Your Part too!

    • LiveDreamBelieve

      Samantha…I could have sworn I replied to this Wonderful comment. Thank you! I am so Happy that we BOTH took action and stopped putting things off LOL Just imagine, if either of us had given up we never would have met!
      All it requires is one step at a time. Yeah, stuff is going to go wrong but stuff is going to go wrong with any path you choose so ….might as well get to it. I know many people get stuck planning it all out but once you drive off in that RV everything changes anyway so best to just start her up and head out! The speed bumps and pot holes turn out to be the things that help us grow the most 🙂