This is How I Help Save Wolves

This is how I help Save Wolves  (Hope you don’t mind the repeat, moving my blog over here slowly but surely)

There are so many people and animals in need these days…I don’t know about you but I would love to give to Many of them!

One of my “Whys” is to be able to give as much as I want to whoever I want! 🙂

Would you like to give to charity without writing them a check? There is a way!

For those that do not know me, my Sequoia is a Wolf-dog…so I have a special place in my heart for Wolves. Always have.

I am honored to be a pack member with her. Our eyes met and that was that! LOL

She is small as far as Wolves we think she is mixed with Husky but I’ve never done DNA…it doesn’t matter to me.

The Wolf in her outweighs the Husky anyway LOL. She is only about 90 lbs but definitely Long and looks sizeable enough, especially in full Winter coat!

She is Gorgeous! and Amazingly well behaved, no “stress” behaviors other than wanting to cuddle during wind and storms. She is SO Loving! Everyone cannot get over how Sweet she is…with people.

As much as I Love her, I would never recommend breeding these animals. Wolves are wolves…whether they have dog in them or not. They react differently to situations and can get out of control.

Then, they wind up doing damage, escaping, roaming and starving like my girl, Sequoia. She was found wandering, emaciated and scared.

Many of these hybrids wind up being put down. I am so Blessed that Sequoia wound up in a kind no kill shelter, where she lived for a year before coming to her forever home.

This is one of the problems with Wild creatures…they are so mesmerizing, Beautiful and Serene in their Presence…but they can change in an instant!

No one ever believes me that Sequoia can be Wolfy like that…but I have seen her with my German Shepherd pinned to the ground, by the throat, shaking her so violently that Sequoia ripped out her entire canine tooth in the process.

She’s a Snaggle-toothed Wolf now 🙂

Don’t worry, the Shepherd was fine but it was a Fast and Fierce Shapeshift…and if you miss the signs…things can get out of control real quick.

Many of them wind up in rescues and sanctuary’s. There they can be cared for and put back into a pack but it is a LOT of work and costs an incredible sum to feed them, fence them and keep them healthy.

I support Wolf Mountain Sanctuary out in California. I like that they do educational programs and they Love these wolves with every thing they have.

I would Love for more people to help them, they are in need and could sure use it. If you are near them and have a strong back they could sure use that too!!

If you would like to help, (of course you can always send a donation directly to them) or if you go through, you can load a search bar and/or purchase through merchants that will make a donation on your behalf based on a percentage of the sale.

This is a Great way to help while you do your daily business online. Many people shop from home so why not feed some wolves in the process.

If you are not a wolf fan, there are many many more charities on there that you can choose from 🙂

Go take a look at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary on FB

There are links on there for IGive and pictures of the wolves and their caretakers…they also have a website but it looks like they are having some issues keeping it updated. Caring for wolves doesn’t leave much time for being on the computer!

If you are ever in their area, they give tours where you can love on and howl with the wolves…you can also “adopt” a wolf ie pledge a certain amount each month for its care 🙂

Even if you just raise a few dollars by purchasing from a supporting merchant, all those dollars add up!

Sequoia and I Thank you in advance! <3