The Sixth Sense-Our Connection to God

I don’t normally work on Sundays…but for one, this isn’t work to me…and two, I can’t think of a better day to write this 30 day Mental Cleanse assignment than on a Sunday. The Sixth Sense is our connection to God.

I am not religious…at least not in the typical definition. My Grandmother raised me until I was 9. She never went to church herself but she put me on every church bus that came down our road. By the time I was 5, I could even speak, read and write Yiddish!

I never quite knew if she just needed a babysitter, was concerned for my soul or if I scared her to death. It was not uncommon for me to wake her up in the middle of the night and announce the death of someone right before the phone rang…or to carry on conversations with people that I saw, that she didn’t. I was a bit wild and always off in “Imaginary” places yet acutely tuned in to animals and nature. She would often find me in the yard healing an injured animal with my “hands”.

I was shocked to read that Mr. Hill found most do not tap into this Sixth Sense until their 40’s or 50’s. My first reaction is to argue that. I think all children are open until they buy into the idea of “Imagination”. By the time they are “adults” they have completely forgotten…I think they Remember at 40 or 50.

I never considered it a “gift”. I was told that my GrandMothers Mother was a Medium and my GrandFathers Father was a Shaman. They were spoken of in hushed tones and were obviously feared. The connection I had as a child was so natural that I just assumed everyone saw and heard what I did. Imagine my shock when they didn’t. I saw and felt people recoil (physically and energetically) from me at times. I felt strange and different…I learned to keep my “Sixth Sense” to myself…

Except to one person. My Aunt Phyllis…who lived in Brooksville, Florida! LOL

Does anyone have any doubts that I should be here with Mentoring For Free? When I heard Michael Dlouhy speak about his Aunt Honey and learned that he lived in Brooksville, FL, it was yet Another confirmation for me that I was at the right place!

Those churches never did “save” me by their definition…but getting to experience so many different beliefs really helped me see the commonalities. I kept hearing about hell and evil, the devil…but all of my “otherworldly” experiences were kind and gentle. The only evil I ever met was in the flesh. The “Judgement” that I was threatened with in church held no water to me because as I was experiencing evil, I would leave my flesh and be held by God. It was All Encompassing Love. There are truly no words to describe it…the kicker was…there was no judgement towards the “evil-doer”. None. Only Love, Compassion and Gratitude. That gave me an entirely different perspective for life.

The stories I could tell…LOL “Crazy” stuff according to our psychiatric profession. I couldn’t agree more with Michael Dlouhy on the use of “labels”. Although I became a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse, I did do a short assignment in a psych ward. By the end of the first day I didn’t know whether to open the door and set them all free or take off my name badge and check in! Half of what they were being treated for …hearing voices, seeing “spirits” were natural parts of my life.

Most of their “anxiety” and “depression” stemmed from self-condemnation fueled by Lies they had been conditioned to believe. They were told they were “abnormal” and they bought into it. They needed an Aunt Phyllis, an Aunt Honey or a Michael Dlouhy to tell them they were perfect just the way they were.

Isn’t it funny…how we all seek Love and Acceptance. We mold our lives around others expectations, taking on their beliefs and hiding our true selves from the world. The very thing that we are here to be! LOL It’s comical when you think about it. We are a physical expression of God. Spirit lives through us and everything around us. Hill speaks of an imaginary council. I too have a council that I consult. I’m not up to 50 like Hill, maybe I’m not thinking big enough! But I have guides, both Etherically and Physically.

I am twice out of a wheelchair because of Etheric guidance. Literally being led to the perfect surgeons against all odds. I have survived and thrived from experiences that have crippled others, both physically and emotionally, by Knowing there is Purpose to everything.

I do have a Gift. It’s called Faith that comes from Knowing. I have personally experienced and witnessed Miracles in my Life. Too many to count. I am not religious but I can assure you…Everything is Divine. If you stop the chatter and become present…Listen and “allow” your Sixth Sense to guide you, you will Know it too. I don’t see myself as “psychic”, I don’t care for the label…I think of it more in terms of being just one step ahead of this imaginary thing we call “time”. Just as Mr. Hill explained, time is mutable, we can slow it, speed it up…reach into it and ask for help, I did… and wound up here.

I want to Thank All the Aunts for their life changing words…Michael and Linda for providing this Amazing platform…Ron Tarlton, Marsha Sortino and Brian Redding for reaching out and offering their help. Thank you to this entire Mentoring For Free family for
embracing me, demonstrating teamwork and for all of your contributions to these mental cleanse assignments. I Truly enjoy reading each one of them. Every assignment brings us closer together. Most of All, Thank you for being You and allowing me to be Me 🙂 We are All Perfect just the way we are <3


PS. I cannot tell you how life changing a Mental Cleanse can be. If you would like to participate in these assignments based on Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, go here 30 Day Mental Cleanse  and watch this one minute, fifty second video by the Founder of Mentoring For Free, Michael Dlouhy.