The Energy Aspect of Healing

I have been reminded by Spirit that I’m supposed to write more about the Energy aspect of healing. I often speak of healing but more in terms of nutrients, toxins or new scientific discoveries rather than in vibrational terms and that is obviously the most important part! LOL I think that part comes so naturally I just forget to mention it!

Guess what? It’s ALL energy 🙂

The food and water that we consume contains a certain energy…so addressing diet IS addressing vibration but many don’t think of it that way. Our food contains not only the energy of itself and its nutrients, enzymes, the soil or water it was grown in, the energy of the environment there…but also of the people who grew it and the trucks that carried it, the lands that it traveled through, the stores that marketed it and of course your preparation.

For those of us that consume meat or animal products we must consider the way these animals were raised, their conditions, what medical treatments they received, what they were fed, how lovingly they were cared for and how their lives were taken. There is much to be considered, energetically, before you put something in your mouth.

Thankfully our bodies are wonderful at directing us to what is higher vibration through the health it will experience. If you continually eat “dead” food all the time, like I was doing, your vibration will be lowered and your body will suffer. Some will say that is a belief system and what really matters is how you feel about your food. I would agree with that to a certain extent, our emotions have incredible impact on our health and food but I have also seen live’s completely change when certain nutritional needs were met or toxins removed. When you stop to think about all the hands and experiences your food goes through before it gets to you, it starts to make sense to buy local from someone you know and/or grow your own. The more “alive” the better!

It has always raised my vibration to grow my own food but I haven’t always had the physical capability, time or energy to do it. It’s funny how life teaches you things. Losing my health and mobility lead to losing income. I was forced into learning new skills to care for myself, how to make my money stretch further, which led to a much simpler life, one which I Love.

My loss of income led to the loss of my home, which although sad, was too much for me to care for…it was time to move on. When I got enough mobility back, I (along with my parents and grandparents) built a Gypsy Wagon for me to live in. I wanted something that was mine, payed for, that no one could take away, no matter how small. Heck, I had been living in a recliner and bed for years, with my limited mobility a small space was actually preferable. I knew that living off grid would be challenging but it would force me to use my body in ways that I hadn’t for years. It would be good rehab 🙂

I enjoyed the idea of being mobile. I wanted to travel and feel the vibration of different places, different people. The vibration of Freedom. I also wanted my dogs with me and to return to Colorado. I had missed it. Colorado has “called” me since childhood and its vibration is very healing to me. I just feel better here.

But it did make for some challenges. Living without refrigeration is definitely a learning curve. One that I was failing miserably at until recently. There were so many times that I didn’t have access to good produce and even when I did, much of it wound up in the compost pile. I was eating many commercially canned foods, soups and veggies mostly, and trying to boost my nutrition with supplements and green drinks yet I continued to get energy. There was no “life” to most of what I was eating and who knows what was really in it.

The good news is, I figured out I can grow my own organic, non GMO produce for far less than what I pay at the store, even in a tiny home!! Why didn’t I realize it before? Sprouts and microgreens! All you need is a mason jar, some seeds and water for the sprouts and I’m using a recycled sushi tray with some holes punched in the bottom and some soil for the microgreens. As for lack of refrigeration, I somehow thought that fermentation was much more difficult that what it is, so the compost pile will just have to find a new source! I now have saurkraut and fermented veggies on the shelf 🙂

My vibration has risen just knowing that I can have access to high energy “live” food any time I like, regardless of finances or living conditions and my gut won’t suffer if I can’t afford those pricey enzymes and probiotics! I am excited to be growing my own food again! I miss gardening but it is still a bit much for me to do on a consistent basis. One day might knock me out for several and a garden is not that forgiving at times…but sprouts? 2 minutes a day! Even I can do that! LOL

When I think of the Peace that envelops my home compared to “the world”, I can’t think of any place I would rather my food be grown. The seeds are good, clean, non-GMO. I control the soil, water and atmosphere that it grows in….the energy that surrounds it. I often have Beautiful music playing in my home…I try to maintain a very calm and loving atmosphere. Not to say I don’t have my moments, or even days at times but once “the force” is disturbed, I do my best to work my way through it quickly and re-raise the vibration.

My daily activities are infused with it so it usually doesn’t take long. There are many ways to raise vibration. We are each so unique that you really must find what works best for you. I found that I resonate really well with certain music and mantras. When I listen to it and sing the mantras I feel every cell in my body light up. This is one of my favorites…


There are also certain scents that lift me. Certain images that expand my heart. I am surrounded by the Beauty of the Rocky Mountains, I need only look out my window or step outside to be fed by its Magic…in fact, just being here has such a different feel to me than other places I’ve lived. Dancing and drumming throw me into a different orbit all together.

I came into the world sensing energy. Remembering it’s use for healing, how to “channel” it but that doesn’t mean I always used it effectively LOL I’ve studied many energy modalities through the years and I think it still comes back to the innate knowing that we all have. The life force that animates us and everything around us. I guess people are able to access that in many different ways.

Thankfully the internet has allowed energy workers from around the world to connect and form groups online. There are free groups that you can participate in almost daily but I have also purchased my favorites throughout the years so that I can access them anytime I want. Any type of mindful meditation, whether it be through movement or stillness, even just something as simple as minding the breath will allow you to rise…but gather in a group and you will soar!

Remember, meditation need not be sitting cross-legged in a cave somewhere. Fishing, knitting, archery, drumming, sex, pottery, farming, martial arts, cooking, dancing…these can all be forms of meditation and are great ways to raise your vibration.

For me, connecting with Nature is the quickest way. I am barefoot whenever I can be. I spend many Loving moments daily with my Wolfdog. I have plenty of “Nature” inside with me for when I can’t get out…and now I have my own indoor crops! I am not living in the wagon at the moment, I’m in a homeshed so I have about twice the space (12 x 12), electricity and a cold water sink which makes living much more comfortable. It does excite me to know that everything I am learning can be taken on the road when my health supports it though!

Having something in your life that excites you is an excellent way to raise your vibration! As is having something in your life to care for, to love, to exchange energy with. Whether it is human, plant or animal just have something, maybe a few <3

If you don’t know where to start, adopt a shelter pup and grow some sprouts! You’ll be feeling fine in no time! 🙂

By the way, the cute little tiny house in the pic was made by James Lumpkin. He’s a Really Nice Guy! Thank you so much James!!

LiveDreamBelieve, Katherine & Sequoia <3