What’s On Your Etch-A-Sketch?

One of the most Fascinating things about being Human is our Imagination. As I was reading and commenting on a “pre-Mastermind” discussion today, that little theater in my mind imagined an Etch-A-Sketch LOL Do you remember them?? One of my favorites! We are reading The New PsychoCybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and he is discussing the … Read more

Stressed? Beam Me Up Scotty!!

Stressed? There are not many people who wouldn’t answer yes to that question…and quite a few of those that do say no, are just in denial lol. In this age of digital connection, unless we purposefully turn everything off, yes the cell phone too…we are being constantly bombarded with information and demands. There seems no … Read more

What are they Thinking!?

What are they Thinking!? We don’t know! LOL Unless you are psychic I guess…even then are you completely sure? Yet how many times do we question, criticize, belittle, second guess and berate ourselves over what we “think” others are thinking! So many are afraid to speak out or write for fear of criticism when in reality, we are our … Read more

AHA moments come at the strangest times!

AHA moments come at the strangest times! Isn’t it strange how Life reveals itself to us? This morning on our Mastermind Hangout, Sandy had an AHA moment with something that was said. Even though she had heard it a THOUSAND times before and I’m sure taught it a thousand times as well… Today was different…it … Read more