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Today I would like to share a fellow team members 30 Day Mental Cleanse lesson….this is why I am Proud and Honored to have been part of Mentoring For Free. These assignments that we do and our Masterminds, sharing our insights with each other, help people grow in ways that they never even knew existed. … Read more

The Sixth Sense-Our Connection to God

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What do fruit flies, bees, raccoon’s and wolf-dogs know that we don’t?

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Just Like a Video Game…

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Distraction Problems?

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Asking People the Right Questions?


Are You Asking People the Right Questions?

One of the learning curves in life is learning how to communicate with people. We all have different personalities and communication skills and no where does that become more blatantly obvious than the network marketing industry.

It doesn’t help that most mlm companies are teaching techniques that only attract about 15% of the population. The other 85% are completely turned off by these “drive by” selling techniques. If you do manage to snag one of the other 85%, they will not be able to duplicate those strategies, not because they are unwilling to “get out of their comfort zone” but because it goes against every grain in their being.

All the Self-Talk in the world is not going to change that.

For those other personality types, unless they find a way to present their business in a way that feels good to them they will never succeed. Hence the 95% failure rate in mlm. As a Leader, just because something works for you, doesn’t mean it will work for your team. Your “system” has to duplicate by all personality types and by part timers as well as full timers since most of your team will be part time.

You must evaluate someone, by asking the right questions. Remember not everyone is right for network marketing. We need people doing what they love, no matter what that is….leave them alone! All of this make a list of family and friends just doesn’t work, stop it! The only thing you are accomplishing is alienating yourself from people that love you.

Although many people promote their opportunity as a “quick and easy way to make 10k a month” those who have been around for awhile know that claims like that are typically coming from a scheme that will soon crumble. You might make some money but instead of building life long relationships with your team, you wind up dragging them from biz op to biz op until they all drop away as you lose credibility.

If you are serious about mlm then essentially you are deciding to become the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. Think about that for a minute. With the knowledge and skills that you currently have, are you ready for that? It will take education, dedication, persistence, hours and hours of self-talk, learning new skills, masterminding with other leaders, working together with a team, learning how to communicate and continue to move forward in spite of fear, set-backs and challenges.

Think Great-Grandma is up for that? Maybe, but probably not. There are babies to be rocked and apple pies to be baked! LOL (I’m a Grandma so no offense intended here fellow Grannies 🙂

Thank Goodness there are ways to attract people to you that are already “sold” on mlm. When you find one, ask the right questions…

How long have you been trying to make an income from home?

What are your two biggest challenges?

Do you have a “job” outside of working from home? Do you have a family? Spouse…kids?

These types of questions will start a conversation (yes, believe it or not, you DO need to talk to people) giving you some insight into their personality type and perhaps their “Why”. How they answer, their energy…their speech patterns will all reveal what makes them tick. Being able to identify their personality type allows you to connect with them.

If they ask you to tell them about your business, you will know exactly what to say and what not to say. Some people, you would never mention the comp plan or making money at all while with others that is all they want to hear about so you need to know who you are speaking with because if you approach them the wrong way, your chances of connecting with them are indeed slim.

Many people, especially in the beginning, are so excited to have someone to talk to that they basically vomit all over them (myself included!). We regurgitate every thing we have learned about our products, our opportunity, our management…without even finding out what they want to know.

Ignorance on Fire!! I don’t know about you…but that didn’t work for me. Next time someone asks you about your business, ask them “What would you like to know?” that way you can answer precisely what questions they have without overwhelming them with a bunch of information that may just send them running!

The next best question, after hearing their answers might be to yourself, “Is this someone I want to spend a lifetime with?” A strong team consists of all the personality types utilizing their own unique gifts and contributing their strengths for the benefit of the team. You want people that want to be there…that you enjoy working with…people that you want to vacation with and hang out with.

Don’t recruit people just to make your bonus…regardless of what many people preach, people are NOT numbers! They are Moms, Dads, Grandmas & Kids…they have hopes and dreams. MLM is an Amazing way for them to realize those dreams but only through teamwork.

Convincing them to empty their bank accounts to buy your newest product and never contacting them again will never lead to that. It will only leave a trail of tears and shattered lives in your wake.

If you would like some information on personality types (not the ones they teach in college), I would be glad to pass it along 🙂 I was Blessed to receive the teachings for free and look forward to paying it forward to you.

It has helped me in every aspect of my life not just business.

Connect with me at 🙂 Katherine