Stressed? Beam Me Up Scotty!!


There are not many people who wouldn’t answer yes to that question…and quite a few of those that do say no, are just in denial lol.

In this age of digital connection, unless we purposefully turn everything off, yes the cell phone too…we are being constantly bombarded with information and demands.

There seems no escape…but there is.

Even when you cannot “physically” escape you always have the ability to escape within yourself. There are many ways to go about this, you could call it a variety of things, but essentially it is taking control over what you allow to effect you.

Maxwell Maltz in the New Psychocybernetics, describes a simple technique which anyone can use to “escape”. He suggests turning everything off by stepping into your mind and building a room that you can go sit or lay down in when you need a break.

Just a simple room, decorated sparingly but with things that bring you comfort, peace and rest. Of course, I guess if you are claustrophobic that might not be good imagery LOL so take the lesson and individualize it.

Perhaps you are standing on the bow of a sailboat being gently rocked as you watch the full moon come up over the horizon…

Maybe you are in the forest…the desert…outer space…you can go wherever you want, it’s your mind.

The point is to relax. Remove yourself from the stimulus that is causing you stress. Sometimes just resetting ourselves like that, even for moments, can make all the difference in how we respond to a situation.

I utilize this technique for body pain. After making sure it’s needs are met, if it is still yelling at me, I simply turn the channel. I have lots of tools to help distract me but when the body is unable to do any of them, this is the tool I am left with. My mind. It is the only escape.

I have many places that I go. I always see myself there as completely healthy, strong…flexible…pain free…active, joyful, prosperous, relaxed, completely in the flow.

I figure this way I am escaping and manifesting at the same time LOL

This technique can also be used with the help of another. When my daughter was young, she had to have ingrown toenails cut out of both of her big toes. It was done in the office with local anesthesia and she was beyond frightened.

As soon as we got her on the table I got up next to her face and very softly took her on a journey. I can’t recall where we went but we were off on a grand adventure and before we knew it, the procedure was over 🙂

Sometimes though…it seems our mind is the last place we want to go. It’s scarier in there for some people! In that case, you can use simple rituals or techniques to diffuse yourself.

He brings up the old saying of “Count to 10” when you get angry. Ok, some people might have to count higher….LOL but you get the point. In that moment, when you want to “respond” and you know that response is going to be more harmful than not, you have the choice to “deactivate” yourself in that moment by using one of these methods so that, if and when you do respond to the situation, you are coming from a place of balance not a reaction fueled by out of control emotions.

I recently read a technique for anxiety attacks, to count backwards from 100. Fortunately, I haven’t had to try it so I don’t know if it works but I can tell you that focusing on something mental like that does relax the body unless you get stressed out over not being able to count backwards LOL

Which brings me to my final point. Laughter. I think laughter is the best medicine if you can genuinely find humor in the situation. Don’t use it to cover up and hide from it but when you can put things in perspective and not take things quite so seriously, laugher can diffuse even the biggest stress bombs.

Maybe you can combine all 3…next time you are in that situation and someone is in your face so to speak, you can just say (silently of course) beam me up Scotty! Count to 10 as you wait for the tractor beam…and laugh your tush off as you are whisked away to another galaxy 🙂

Love studying this book with our Mindset Mastery Collective. It is great to read books on your own but its really valuable to have a Mastermind to discuss it with. We all learn so much from each other 🙂 Come join us on a hangout sometime!


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