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For those of you who know me, you realize this is a HUGE step for me! I am coming out of the Energy closet! Yes, I have mentioned my weirdness through my blog occasionally but I’ve kept it pretty tame LOL This last bout of …whatever that was, once again put me in a position where the ONLY thing I could do for myself or others was energy work.

I should clarify here that, to me, energy work is no different from prayer. I am basically connecting to God, Creator, Spirit however you want to define that All Emcompassing Pure Love that animates us and everything around us and asking it to heal and clear the things that are blocking us, reveal to us the right path to take and help us as we walk it.  As this energy work happens, I can “feel” the Spirit/Energy moving through my body, “see” the energy moving and hear my guides speak to me in voice, music or symbols.

I have been working with Spirit/Energy since childhood.  I was gifted with out of body experiences at a very early age and it completely altered my reality. Granted, the experiences that knocked me out weren’t much fun but the Divine Grace that I experienced outside of the body cannot even be described.  After that, it came so naturally I never imagined that everyone wasn’t experiencing what I was. I didn’t realize that we all experience things differently. As I became aware that my reality was different than those around me, it seemed easier just to keep it to myself than to try to explain it. 

Through the years, I continued to do energy work behind the scenes. I became an RN and for 20 years I helped usher souls in and out working with premature babies in Intensive Care.  I did the same as a child. I would “dream” that someone was ready to go and I would take their hand and be with them through transition. Then I would wake Grandma up to tell her…and the phone would ring announcing the death. Due to my out of body experiences, my lack of fear around death helps me be truly present and comforting during a time when many are overwhelmed with fear and anguish. It is an Honor to be able to serve in this capacity and something that I hope to do more of as my body heals.

Growing up and throughout my nursing career, I used eastern, western, herbal, native medicine & energy healing for myself and my family. I studied many energy modalities…Reiki, Healing Touch, Medical Qigong, Jin Shin Jyutsu to name a few but it really all came back to what I did when I was two…being a channel of energy. I am Grateful to have had such wonderful teachers but I was recently reminded that I was not honoring my gifts or the work. 

Per my usual, I tried to argue with Spirit but it never works LOL I said, there are tons of people “out there” doing the work! I can just stay behind the curtain…right? Nope. Ok then LOL I have to laugh because my friend and teacher Tamra Oviatt is the same way. That is one of the reasons we resonated so well with each other. She has spent most of her life arguing with Spirit too! Now we just say, “You want me to do WHAT?” “Ok!” LOL

So here we are. I have been working with Sacred Activation energies for  a couple of years now, incognito. I’ve had some very cool experiences and I have to say, this is Incredibly STRONG energy. The activations were given to Tamra by Spirit to help her mission of World Peace. That may seem like a lofty goal, but it just so happens it’s my goal too! I think it’s the mission we all came for actually!

Peace on Earth by bringing the Heart-Centered Christ Consciousness to Earth! I don’t consider myself Christian but I do have a personal relationship with Jesus, in fact he’s very funny! I first met him in an out of body experience when I was 12 and I remember being shocked because I thought you had to be christian to communicate with him! He comes in for healings along with other guides sometimes. I am truly humbled and honored to be able to communicate with the Masters. 

When Tamra was given these activations, she was  told that they release you from hundreds and even thousands of beliefs in your core life, past lives, those coming through genetics, other dimensions and the Collective Consciousness. Although they are called Activations, many are deactivations actually. Have you done eons of “work” on yourself but still can’t get past certain blocks? It may very well be that you haven’t disconnected from the collective consciousness of things. Think about all the human beings that have bought into certain beliefs. They take on a life-form of their own that we can become “plugged into”.

“Unplugging” from them can make huge shifts in our lives! This is a very pure Creator energy that flows through… VERY Strong!  All of the Sacred Activation Practitioners have been working with energy for decades and we are always Amazed at the Power! It is Humbling and a Profound Honor to have been chosen for this work, I am only the conduit, God does the Healing!

I am available in person, via phone, skype or through my teleconferencing service where we can record your session for future use….whatever is most convenient for you. If we meet in person you will get the life changing bonus of meeting Sequoia, my furry companion. She will make you feel like the most Adored creature on Earth <3

My office is in my Gypsy Wagon or if the weather is good, outside where we can see the mountains better!

Please accept my gift of the First 3 Sacred Activations 

The first 3 prepare you for the others by activating your 12 strand DNA, Connecting you to Mother Earth/Nature and Increasing your Psychic and Healing abilities (yes we all have them).

This recording includes a brief introduction to Sacred Activations followed by 3 Free Foundational SA’s…it is very important to do these 3 first before doing more advanced activations. They prepare you and build in layers upon each other.

Lord Metatron– When Tamra was in England, God told her to go to the Rossyln Chapel in Scotland. When she did she was metaphysically met by Lord Metatron who introduced himself and told her he was there to assist her in activating her 12 Strands of DNA. After this experience, Lord Metatron told her she was crystalline and to give these activations to others. This is where the Sacred Activations began. This Activation will activate your 12 Strands of DNA allowing your body to function better in these changing energetic times. 

Avebury/Stonehenge– This activation increases your healing and psychic abilities. It allows you to easily communicate with your higher self, guides, angels, and the Creator. This also increases your clairvoyance and clairaudience, making it possible to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.

Mother Earth ActivationThis activation connects you with all of the elements of this wonderful place we call home, Mother Earth. It helps ground you and centers you in the knowing that we are all connected. It connects you to Nature, fairies, trees, flowers, water, animals etc. In these 5D times it is more important than ever to GROUND FREQUENTLY. 

You can access and download the recording at

***Do NOT Drive or operate machinery while listening to these activations.***

Both because my experience as an RN for 20 years and as someone whose body has experienced disabling pain for the last 10 years (plenty before that too!), I guess you could say I have a soft spot for those in pain. Please accept my Gift of these 3  Additional Sacred Activations (but do the first 3 first!!!)…I started with PTSD because many people have PTSD from pain and pain from something that caused the PTSD…emotions can be trapped in the body causing pain.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder– Clears the emotional illness and anxiety disorder which usually develops as a result of extreme fright or a life-threatening event or trauma.  There are many people that are stuck in the emotions from traumas that happened to them in their lives (or even a past life) or that they witnessed others experiencing. We are One so what effects one, effects all.

Disconnect from Disease Consciousness– How many people do you know that are stuck in beliefs of cancer and other diseases? What percent of women will get breast cancer?  What percent of men will get prostate cancer? How many people say this or that disease runs in my Family? Would you like to disconnect from all of that?  Leave your Labels and allow your body to heal. 

Pain B Gone– This activation clears and disconnects all beliefs and feelings about pain. It also releases the need to feel or experience pain in your body. This could be physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Let it go….

You can access and download the recording at

***Do NOT Drive or operate machinery while listening to these activations.***

Ok…one more freebie! Again both as an RN and with friends and family I have learned and experienced the devastation that Addictions can cause. They come in many forms and Truth be told, all of us are addicted to something! It doesnt have to be alcohol or drugs, it could be sugar, coffee, the news, drama or a page of other things! Whatever your addiction, if you would like help releasing it please accept this gift of Addiction Redirection.

You can access and download the recording at

LOL….two more LOL This is called “River Of Souls” this is an activation that was given to me by Spirit. It is for Empaths primarily but would help anyone release non-serving energies from their field. A client of mine termed this a “5th Dimensional Baptism!” LOL it washes away all of the energies we have connected to throughout our Souls entire timeline including through genetics and the Collective.

After cleansing and releasing I stacked in a little bit of “Lifes Grid” which surrounds your energy field like a Sacred Geometry “cloak” and protects you from picking it all up again 🙂 Enjoy!!! Repeat often!

Testimonials for River of Souls- 

“Hi Katherine, you shared your River of Souls recording in the Practitioner group a while ago and I passed it on to a friend who was continually taking on stuff that wasn’t her own. Now I just talked to her and she told me she has worked with it a lot, then she had a bad cold where her voice was completely gone … and she was presented with situations that showed her where she didn’t draw boundaries and didn’t stand up for herself. As a result of that she decided to separate from some people in her life that weren’t good for her, leaving Facebook groups etc. – and after that decision, her voice came back! She is also more firm with her son, which wasn’t the case before. And she is getting lots of positive feedback and appreciation. So awesome … I just thought you’d like to know what your activation has done for her. Thank you so much for sharing it! 🙂 Much love, and I really hope this doctor in Atlanta will be able to help you! 🙂 “
“JUST AMAZING, DID THOSE ACTIVATIONS again, and on The River of Souls, as it begun and energies built up I was being shown what looked like a column of CD, around 100, and the first one was lifted out, it sort of reminded me Data, stored, well do you get the feeling this was being cleared, or showing what needs to be cleared. lol”
“This is like a 5th Dimensional Baptism!!!”
Thank you!! God is AMAZING! I Love it!
Because they were Gifted to me, I am paying forward 20 more Activations!!! Here is the AMAZING Public Private session that Tamra did for me, addressing long standing pelvic/genital pain and sexual traumas.
Sacred Activation’s stacked
1. Addiction Redirection on the Pain
2. Karmic Loop
3. Damsel in Distress
4. Clear Past Life Sexual Traumas as Sex Slave
5. Clear Past Life Genital Mutilation
6. Pain Be Gone
7. Ultimate Release of Oaths, Vows, Commitments, Contracts, Curses, Voodoo, Spells
8. Learning from Pleasure instead of Pain & Suffering
9. Ultimate Release of Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Fears, Beliefs that recreate the pain
10. Bleeding Heart
11. Thorn of Hearts
12. Sinner to Saint
13. Guilty Pleasures
14. Releasing all Trauma from cells and Auric Pain body
15. Polar Opposites
16. Ease & Grace or LEAP Forward
17. Cell SNAP
18. Fear of your Sexual Power
19. Total Body Connection
20. Forgiveness and Blessings 
So much Love and Gratitude to Tamra Oviatt the Founder of Sacred Activations! I am so Blessed to have you as a Friend and I am so Proud and Honored to be a Sacred Activations Master Practitioner!
It is good to listen to the activations at least 3 times, some people repeat them overnight but in the beginning every few days is good. Listen to your guidance 🙂

Thank you so much!! It is a Pleasure and an Honor to bring this work forward. As we heal ourselves we heal the world <3

I would Love to hear your experiences! 🙂

Much Love, Katherine

PS. This is an adjunct to your regular mental and health care, not a substitute!


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