Reboot and Reprogram your Brain!

As a member of several masterminds that are studying different teachings there is definitely a common thread…

Reboot and Reprogram your Brain!

Maxwell Maltz in The New Psychocybernetics talks about How to Unlock your True Personality. I think one of the best ways to do that is to reprogram yourself.

Whether you dive deep into your childhood memories and wallow in them for years, touch them briefly to acknowledge them and love yourself through them or utilize the “just drop it” technique, it all comes back to the same thing.

You must change your thoughts. But how?

It’s true, our subconscious mind basically controls us, without us even being aware of it…but our conscious mind is the Gatekeeper to the subconscious.

You can paste affirmations on every mirror and recite them all day long but if your conscious mind doesn’t believe it, you are wasting your time and in fact reinforcingnegative beliefs without even realizing it.

Our bodies are the most phenomenal machines ever created. The amount of information that is processed and acted on in every second without any conscious effort on our part is nothing short of a miracle.

But it is a machine none the less. This may sound disheartening at first but be THANKFUL that this is the case because as frustrated
as you may be that you have picked up all this programming that seems to be blocking you from realizing your dreams…

What is really happening is you are being shown that you can be programmed 🙂

Rejoice!! Reboot and Reprogram your Brain!

There are many ways to do this but a lot of them don’t work because they do not bypass the conscious mind.

Imagine writing your affirmation on the wall and then beating your head against it trying to get the words to “transfer” into your brain. Thats the equivalent of stating affirmations repeatedly that you don’t believe in.

It’s true, you need to use your active conscious mind, keep it focused on positive things and avoid negativity (especially from yourself) but all of us sleep and when we do, our conscious mind relaxes allowing input to go straight to the unconscious.

If we are truly serious about reprogramming, it just makes sense to utilize that time to bypass that inner critic with the poverty mindset. When I say poverty I don’t just mean “poor” as in money, I mean all the I can’ts, I don’t deserves, I shoulds, why would anyone listen to me’s…all that stuff.

The best news is, it is SO easy to do.

There are a multitude of recordings available for purchase or free to download but if you have just a few minutes, you can make one right on your computer that will have whatever music you choose, use your own affirmations and your voice which I believe work better than the pre-recorded products. One because its your voice. When you speak these things, it sends a vibration out to the universe which it will match also I think most people “trust” their own voice more than someone elses.

Here is a video on how to use a free program called Audacity to make your very own recording that you can listen to at any time of the day but be sure to leave it playing overnight while you sleep.

One of my mentors suggests saying your self talk 1000 times a day. When I first heard that I thought, dang…I’m going to have to do self talk to do my self talk! LOL But if you write out your self talk and time yourself saying it, you will see that if you run that overnight as you sleep you will get in close if not all of that while your mind is WIDE open! Then if you say them consciously during
the day or keep it running in the background you can double and triple that!

The fact is, we are constantly bombarded with programming. We get to choose what that programming is. Napoleon Hill says that the poverty mindset is most peoples’ “normal” mindset. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have it
and it will not just magically disappear on its own.

You must take active steps to increase positive input and decrease negative input, every moment of every day. You must actively control what goes into your brain and reprogram that poverty mindset into one of Joy and abundance.

Now, don’t tell yourself you “can’t” do this because you don’t have computer skills…that is exactly the kind of negative talk you have to avoid. It is really quite simple and I show you, using free programs so no excuses LOL

So Thankful to be a member of this Mindset Mastery Collective Community! Having other likeminded people to study with and discussing these concepts on our Saturday morning hangouts is Priceless! We all learn so much from each other! Hope you will join us sometime!

Free yourself to be yourself 🙂