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Mindset Mastery Collective is a community of positive people who are all working together to help shift humanity from a negative powerless mindset to a positive empowering one and awaken people to their full potential mentally, spiritually, relationally, & emotionally.

“You guys are like psychological brain surgeons helping people cut the negative out!”
~ D. Smith

The community was created for you to connect with people who are like minded to exchange ideas, discover insights, learn, and grow together.

Mindset Mastery Collective strives to make the world a better place but we know the only way we can truly create lasting change in the world is to make improvements from the inside out. The main way we do this is through studying and implementing personal development & self actualization principles, sharing what we learn with you, and having you share your knowledge and wisdom with us too.

“I just finished watching one of your videos on YouTube and as a third party seat I really enjoyed watching and listening to the way you guys use your past to compensate for the things others may not be able to verbalize as well as putting your lives up for display on how the things you talk about can benefit someone else’s life with simple tool and guidelines that give people who may be negatively programming themselves into repetitive actions and thoughts that don’t benefit so well done and I hope you all the best and that as many people that need to hear these things find out about what you guys are doing. Thank you!”
~ Davion Russell

Ever since January 2013 we’ve been meeting weekly via a live Google hangout called the Saturday Morning Mastermind to study different personal development books and discuss the lessons we learn.  You’ll always find our upcoming broadcast when you visit this url http://SaturdayMorningMastermind.com

So meet up with us and join the conversation!

“Saturday Morning Mastermind is one of the best masterminds I have ever attended.  I feel so motivated and inspired when the mastermind is over.  I can’t wait to read the next chapter and share my thoughts with everyone of the panelist.  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  This is a great team that just wants the best for all their viewers.  Having the opportunity to get to know everyone is an honor.  I learn so much from them when they are sharing their wisdom.  Every week I am learning something new about myself.  I love this group of great leaders.  For me it really makes a difference when I feel that someone cares, and this team has proven that.  I am so grateful and look forward to my Saturday Mornings”.
~ Julia Colon

Our website is not about any one individual. It’s about all of us. It’s about our connection with each other and the impact we can make on the people with whom we come into contact. Every improvement we make within ourselves causes a ripple effect that spreads outward into the world. The website makes it possible to increase this effect exponentially.

Every time you comment, like, +1, pin, tweet, share, etc. a post on our site YOU become a shining ray of sunshine amplifying the efforts of all the people working together here to make the world a better place!

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We are currently reading and discussing


The book, ‘Change your thoughts, change your life’ by Wayne Dyer is the culmination of Wayne’s study of 10 different translations of the Tao Te Ching. Each verse was chosen based on what resonated with him. It is his personal interpretation of what the Tao means and how he feels each bit of wisdom can be applied in the 21st century. The Tao Te Ching is a book of wisdom that’s been translated more than any other book in the world other than the Bible.  It is considered by many to be a foundational discussion on the nature of existence. These Saturday Morning Mastermind sessions are our interpretation of the verses, what we think about what Wayne teaches, and how we’ve applied the lessons in our own lives. If you are looking for an in depth study of the Tao Te Ching, you can’t find a better resource than this… We hope you will join the discussion and add your wisdom too!
Would you like to be able to Communicate with people better? Know what to say or not to say to someone so that you can really help them? This is a GREAT Tool to have in your toolbox, Personality Colors!! You will not only be able to communicate with others and understand their needs, strengths and weaknesses better but also with yourself, your family, friends and coworkers.
This audio was made by a Lovely group I was in called Mentoring For Free and they teach some Wonderful, down to earth skills that will help anyone in their lives and businesses. Enjoy, just Paying it Forward!  🙂

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  • Love this community! I learn so many great lessons from our Saturday Morning Mastermind chats!
    Just when I think I’ve gotten everything out of a chapter, we discuss it, and I learn a bunch more!

    • Katherine Clement

      YAY!! Me too!! LOL Thank you so much for starting it!!

    • YES! Then we learn stuff on the webinar which leads to an hour long after party chat! LOL