Medical Ozone for Ebola-Humanitarian Mission Update #7

Another update, Many Thanks to Dr. Peter Jovanovic for keeping us updated on this situation!

This is an update from Dr. Howard Robins as he returns home and looks at all this from a distance. After talking to him yesterday I do know that he is not allowed to travel for the next 21 days and has to call in daily with his status. What is interesting to note is what conclusions Howard has come to in this update, for most of you this is nothing new although we had all hoped that this time…it would be different. It’s not over yet! If you do not know, from what I have read, the EU has committed to sending one billion EURO in that direction, that’s billion with a “B”!!!

To all my friends,

Let me begin with good news. It is very clear to me that my Method Of DIV ozone will work effectively against Ebola. I expect to train a lot of doctors in it over the next couple of months. It will not just save lives in early cases, but may PREVENT or MINIMIZE the infection in people who get it in advance. Dr. Rowen and I are absolutely certain about this.

Some of you who know me very well know how much I love movies. I watch them constantly in my spare time. I have seen all kinds of adventure/drama/suspense plots. Apparently I have been living in a “Docudrama” for some time now!

As weird as it sounds this is true. I took a phone call yesterday, with a person in the “know” about all things political in SL concerning Ebola, which made it clear that our medical mission to SL may have been doomed to failure from the start, unbeknownst to Robert, Kojo and me.

What this is all about is BIG money for people in position of power in SL. Dr. Rowens’ Letter about DAY 7 in SL will give evidence to what I am saying.

Without sounding melodramatic we may have innocently walked into a nasty political docudrama and literally put our lives in danger! If this sounds ridiculous, weird or silly to you, please believe me on my word of honor, it sounds the same to me but I COMPLETELY have to believe it is TRUE after the call yesterday!

I trust no “unusual or coincidental accident” will take place for Kojo, Robert or me, but money buys power and we are dealing with BIG TIME money.

At this time I don’t know the depths of exactly who is involved in SL, nor does it matter that it is allowing people to die needlessly. Our morals and ethics don’t permit us to accept this as the truth, but let me remind you of all the SCAMS and corruption we know still exist in West Africa (ie. Nigeria; ever get an email wanting to give you millions and have you not heard about the atrocities committed there over the past years during civil wars, etc.).

They are a people of different culture, history and background than us and thus live by different standards that we cannot fathom or understand. Please don’t just read Dr. Rowen’s letter but “read between the lines” with this mindset I have just given you. It will explain what happened more clearly.

FYI, I have been contacted by the NYS Dept. of Health and have to report my temperature and health status for the next 21 days.

I physically feel great. Emotionally, I am not a happy camper. Not depressed anymore, not fearful, not sorry I went, a little tense and wondering what is going to happen next in this “Docudrama” I seem to find myself living in.

Dr. Howard Robins


Let’s do some real sharing so that those that do not know are aware, only you, the people can create change, remember that!

Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me. Political corruption and Greed are causing 1000’s of deaths…not just in Africa but in the US as well, people have no idea how corrupt our “sickcare” system really is…Shine some Light here Folks, let’s bring this stuff out where people can see it and do something to fix it. Thank You <3

  • Very interesting post Katherine, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you Joan! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting 🙂 I will continue to post updates as I get them, this story isn’t over!

  • NT Izuchi Jr.

    I’m glad that at least physically you are ok! But the mental side of things I know can be draining. Let’s hope these next 21 days are a smooth one!

  • I have friends in Sierra Leone. I’ve sent quite a few bitcoin to Sierra Leone Liberty Group (SLLG) to fight Ebola during the epidemic. That’s how cryptocurrency works.

    Google Onecoin blockchain and brush up on the latest FACTS.