Medical Ozone for Ebola-Humanitarian Mission Update #4

Medical Ozone for Ebola-Humanitarian Mission Update #4

Is this to be the final installment on EBOLA and Ozone Therapy from Dr. Howard Robins and Dr. Robert J. Rowen, hell no! This is just the beginning, this is normal fare for us that try our best to save lives and create change and progress to a safer alternative in medicine and science. Read on and understand what we go through in our mission, this is business as usual…Even more now we need all of you to share this important update so that more and more will understand the greed that has taken over and made financial gain more important than the lives of human beings on this planet.

To all my friends,

While the therapy stopped at literally the last minute from being used as you will see in Dr. Rowens’, my brother-in-ozone-arms, letter below.

To say I am sad is a gross understatement! Right now I feel like I was punched in the groin. I am feeling depressed, but I will get over it. How many people have to die before they will not just listen but allow the doctors we trained to save lives? All we had asked for was ten patients to prove it works, six of which would be sure to die by their own statistics.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain it was stopped. It was better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. I am not in the least bit sorry I went. I am sure God will bless Dr. Kojo Carew for all he did to try and make it happen.

Politics and bureaucracy win once again over the needs of the people. What else is new?!!


After learning all about the virus ( I could now be considered an expert on the subject), Dr. Rowen and I are absolutely positive that it will cure almost everyone or prevent you from becoming seriously ill with the viral infection with early DIV ozone therapy intervention. What’s more, if you do the therapy before you become ill you might easily fight it off all by yourself!

Their Minister of Health ( the only official with whom we never met) should be executed. With the deepest regret,Howard

This letter was written by Dr. Robert Rowen to Dr. Carew’s church.

Dear Congregation.
By the time you hear this, I will be back in the USA. This letter is not only from me, but I am sure from Dr. Robins who, as I write this, is home.

We felt very honored to have been able to approach you and speak a message of hope to you in your incredible church. We saw the importance of hope in your eyes.We had a very busy and exhausting week with your hero Dr. Kojo Carew. He exceeded all our expectations. However, your government did not. We were put through test after test, meeting after meeting regarding the use of the safest therapy in the world – ozone therapy. No “medicine”, inclusive of aspirin or Tylenol has a safety record even close. We know that ozone can cure most any infection, viral or bacterial. It made real sense to apply it to ebola, which has a rather dismal prognosis – in your best center, a 60% death rate.

We met with your incredible and open minded President, who himself decided to experience ozone. I think that is huge, since he knew his People might soon be using it, so he stood out first.

We also saw the attitude of prominent SL doctors transformed after our talks and after experiencing ozone themselves. Most interestingly, your health ministry shunned our talks. These are the very people charged with your life in this crisis.

On Wednesday, we made it to the ebola chief, Palo Konteh. He seemed very receptive to our mission. He asked, “So why is this not being done here already?” We thought we passed the last hurdle, but alas that was not to be. We arrived in the Hastings treatment center the following day. We presented what we planned to the staff, they saw the videos of those doctors we treated and the fantastic INSTANT results in pain relief. (edit from me to explain: Prolozone, injection of ozone into a joint or tendon was done not the DIV therapy) They were sold and lined up for Dr. Carew to treat to help protect them. While this was going on, a call came in from the health ministry telling the major in charge, “if you want to keep your job you will not permit any ozone treatments in the center.” It was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. (highlighted by me)

A cadre of people who were informed by Dr. Kojo, and who deliberately chose to shun our talks and our work, decided for you that this must be an experiment on SL citizens and that you would be used as guinea pigs. As if the ebola virus itself is not akin to a commandant at a Nazi concentration camp picking off victims at will, and the ministry is standing behind the criminal and does not take him out. To me, that makes them accomplices to the murders. This time it’s not a human murderer, it’s a lethal virus, and they are standing by as hundreds of your kin die and time is of the ultimate essence.

IF I see a gunman mowing down people, I have a duty to take him out immediately, not take it before committee after committee of nose pickers wasting government money on meetings rather than mowing down the culprit as ozone mows down pathogens. TO me, your country has been transformed. No longer is it the land of BLOOD DIAMONDS. It is now the land of BLOOD MONEY, as people with vested interests in receiving billions in aid to properly dig graves, burn bodies, get rid of the remains of people without dignity, etc., prefer to plead to the world for yet more money which won’t be used to actually save the lives of those infected, or protect those on the front lines. It will be rather be used for purposes of attempting to slow the plague rather than eliminate it from your midst.

I was accused even on TV of experimenting on your people. Will the vaccines, now in development, serums from recovered people, which might harbor other viral diseases, or new synthetic drugs not be an experiment on your people? And a highly risky one compared to ozone which has no known toxicity after millions of treatments? Yet those behind these methods stand to make billions if not more, while ozone costs next to nothing, and likely can cure ebola quickly. Sadly many more will have to die due to people who prefer power and control over lives.

I return to the USA better for having tried than not tried at all, for having met some incredibly brave and saintly people, and for having introduced the finest doctor in your land, Kojo Carew to a miracle therapy given to us by the Creator, not by a drug company.

I commend your President highly. Sadly, many great men are kept from truth by those around them who have personal and ulterior motives.

I wish you all well in these frightening times. I pray that Dr. Carew will be able to reopen his hospital for ebola victims using ozone therapy to save their lives and ozone disinfection to protect his staff. Demonstrating this will change the world quickly, and embarrass ministers and governments alike for placing policy, procedure and money over lives. Perhaps then we will enter a new era of medicine. I know that Howard Robins and Jeff McNamara join me in this message. Please join us in this prayer.

Most respectfully, Robert Rowen, MD www.ozonehospital.com

Special Thanks to Dr. Peter Jovanovic for providing these updates!!