Medical Ozone for Ebola-Humanitarian Mission Update #3

Medical Ozone for Ebola-Humanitarian Mission Update #3

The third update from Dr. Howard Robins please share far and wide for all to read. If change is to occur we must use whatever means possible to educate and in this case, social media is useful…

Ebola Day Five or “The continuing saga of Rowen and Robins and their fight against Ebola and government bureaucracy in Sierra Leone”.

This was my last full day in SL. I really didn’t want to leave as we were on the absolute edge of all we had been working for happening. Our entire time here has been almost surreal, like a movie with Dr. Rowen, played by Al Pacino, Dr. Carew by Cuba Gooding Jr. and me, Di Nero (it could work) or Tom Cruise (just kidding).

It’s been 17-20 hour days since our arrival, planning, teaching the academics, training in my method of DIV, giving treatments to non-Ebola patients (as part of training), meetings with heads of State, and doing SL National TV.

Over the past five days, we have lectured to about 80-100 doctors, nurses and healthcare givers, trained 30 doctors and more intensely trained 8 “front-line” young doctors, who will actually treat the Ebola patients once we get into the Hasting Ebola Clinic.

Here is an email I just received from Michael, whom I called the “Trainer” as he picked up what I taught him and began helping the other doctors learn to do it correctly.

Hi Dr. Robins,
On behalf of the junior doctors you have been training for the past couple of days on oxidative ozone therapy, I would like to express our profound thanks and appreciation for the knowledge, motivation and inspiration you have given to us. I would like to assure you that we will do our very best to put into practice what you have taught us especially in the treatment of Ebola patients. We deeply appreciate you and we pray that God will continue to bless you and your family. Wishing you safe journey and best of good luck in all your endeavors. Best regards. Dr. Michael Morlai Kamara.

Today we started by giving training and Dr. Rowen treating doctors and patients with prolozone (a treatment for joint pain, disk pain and muscle pain). This actually helped us when we met with heads of state as they saw Robert’s posting of amazing results on his YOUTube channel.

It opened those that were skeptical to consider that ozone therapy will work on Ebola.

We then raced to a meeting with Professor Monty Jones, the special advisor to the President and also with the Chief Medical Officer (who has been an impediment in our getting into SL Hasting Ebola Clinic). We finally got their support in getting our young trained doctors into the clinic, most likely tomorrow (which is now today), Thursday.

We raced again (it seems we were always running out of time) though traffic and poor road surfaces (ruts and potholes like you can’t imagine, slowing us down) to the SL National TV station where I went on a show called “The Podium”. We were a group of five men at the roundtable, interviewed by a lovely woman newscaster, whose name I never caught. The other four men were from the SL government. All the TV shows were concerning Ebola. I was interviewed immediately after a man responsible for recovering dead bodies from homes and the Ebola centers and seeing that they are buried.

Apparently, many people with Ebola are afraid to go to the centers for treatment and stay home to die. Families are being warned not to touch them, as they are extremely contagious and to call for pickup and burial.

Ebola, particularly in its early stages is not very contagious or easily transmitted, contrary to what the news media is saying and putting needless fear into everyone! I have become somewhat of an Ebola “expert” while here.

Anyway, going on after him, my first words on TV were that it was our intention to “put him out of business”. He was being “hammered” by the interviewer and by text’s that were coming in and being read on this live TV news show. He smiled and was relieved by what I had to say.

All the people, doctors, state workers, soldiers, police and most state officials were extremely thankful and supportive of our mission, aside from three bureaucratic idiots. Following this show we speed (a times a snails pace) to a meeting with the newly appointed “Sierra Leone Ebola Czar” the Minister of Defense, retired Major Palo Conteh who has a law degree from the University of London. He is a handsome young man, my guess in his early to mid forties about 6’ 2” tall (played by LL Cool J in this “movie”).

After listening to what Dr. Rowen, Dr. Carew (Palo was married to Kojo’s first cousin and he knew Palo since he was born) and what I had to say, I asked him if he had any questions.

Now I should say that Palo was appointed as “Ebola Czar” the day after we met with His Excellency, The President, Dr. Koroma (played by John Amos in the “movie” version of this real life experience of ours) in his home the evening after I gave him a DIV treatment and we all had discussed with him how the previous “Ebola Czar” the Minister of Health had impeded our getting into Hasting Ebola clinic with our doctors. Coincidence?

Well, the one and only question the man, who now controlled the entire medical effort against Ebola in SL, asked was “why weren’t we in there already?” WOW! What can I say? We had been praying for his help in making it happen. Not to get ahead of myself but at that moment Robert, Kojo and I knew it was a go. We silently then and later when out of the Minster’s earshot gave a loud “YES” and Robert and I a “high five”!

We then had to rush back to National TV station for Kojo (Dr. Carew if you didn’t get it) had to go on a show. The third impediment to our getting into Hasting was on the show with him. The Minister of “Pharmaceuticals”(? Not quite sure of his true title”) talked against it happening. His argument was “what if something happened and Ebola patient died?” He said he would be “blamed by the people” for it and held accountable.

He wanted documented proof of medical ozone’s effectiveness and papers showing the science. We asked him why he didn’t attend our lecture exactly on this, 4 days before, that he and his boss (I think it’s his boss, it all gets confusing) the Minister of Health and the Chief Medical Officer, who had said they would attend, failed to show.

The head of the TV station was in the room hearing all that was being argued by Dr. Carew and this bombastic Minister and sided with Kojo. He gave me his word that if we were delayed in getting into Hasting and we finally did and proved the success of Dr. Rowen and my Ebola protocol, that he would publically, on National TV hold him accountable for all the people who died from that moment until we would have been let in to work. Hopefully, we believe his opinion will not matter.

It didn’t matter to him that Robert and I have collectively treated patients safely for over 52 years with ozone, I performing over 200,000 (more than everyone else in the USA combined) treatments safely over the last 23+ years. Keep in mind that NY State would put me out of business upon one death or serious medical complication, while I could “kill” people legally with my RX pad if appropriately prescribed. The words “close-minded, stupid, ignorant” must have his picture next to them in the dictionary!

Keep in mind that our government is now allowing untested, FDA unapproved drugs to be tried on Ebola patients to try and save lives.

Back to the story. Next, Robert (Dr. Rowen) was interviewed on the most important TV show by their top newscaster. The questions he asked both on the science and medicine of intravenous ozone therapy were both pertinent to the issues and unbiased. However, I asked him when the show was over if Kojo had paid him to ask those questions and he laughed.

Robert was nothing less than awesome! He was the epitome of the “academic” on this subject that I revere him to be. He spoke quietly (definitely not his typical over passionate style), collectedly and clearly so that the average person as well the more learned listeners (we were told that President Koroma watches this show every day) could understand. It totally destroyed those previous idiots remarks on the show preceding this one.

If you’re still reading this final account of our adventures, the day is drawing to an end. We then went back got my bags and went to the Freetown Rotary Club meeting at the Radisson Hotel where we were honored guests and speakers. We arrived near the end of the meeting and all our words were held in the highest regard and applauded.

I Informed them of my over 22 years in Rotary, my being part of the Central Nassau County RC of which I was a past president, my past and current positions in our Rotary District, and my desire to be nominated by the selection committee this year (my third attempt) District Governor for the Rotary year 2017-18. They gave the three of us a Rotary thank you card for speaking (proof I did a “make-up meeting” for you Rotarians reading) and a mini club banner to take home.

Finally, Kojo drove me to the speedboat, which brings you to the island where the airport is located. Kojo’s man at the airport (more about this absolutely amazing, incredible special human being, Dr. Kojo Carew, now my “brother-in-arms”, in the next update) met me and saw that I was settled the so-called VIP lounge before he left me. I may relate my airport experience in the next installment, all the temperature checks, searches, etc.

I am in the VIP lounge in the airport in Casablanca writing this. Sorry to say Bogart didn’t meet me at the gate. Enough for now; more to come; hopefully with good news about Ebola, DIV and SL.

Dr. Howard Robins

Special Thanks to Dr. Peter Jovanovic for providing these updates!!