Medical Ozone for Ebola-Humanitarian Mission Update #2

Medical Ozone for Ebola-Humanitarian Mission Update #2

This is another update from Dr. Howard Robins as with the last one, please share far and wide as the media is not picking this story up and it is up to us, do your part!

To all my friends (please share this with anyone you wish):

This is the end of Day Four:

We began the day training 20 doctors and nurses again. We have three “front line doctors who will likely be the treatment doctors in the main Ebola center called “Hasting” located in the western area of Freetown, run by the Sierra Leone government.

One of the senior doctors, who we won over after having been very skeptical became, and I trust, will be one of the main trainers of others here after we leave. Mid afternoon we met with Prof. Monty Jones, advisor to the President and Ambassador- at-large, along with the Chief Health Care Officer Brima Kargbo, who will now see (after the President kicked Kargbo’s butt hard this morning) that we get patients in Hastings to treat with the DIV ozone therapy.

Monty had been in favor of it all along, but Kargbo and his counterpart the Minister of Health had been blocking our access. They wanted us to travel 300 miles to McKenny an area with another Ebola clinic. The roads here are poor and it would have been 3 hours drive or more in each direction. Not acceptable.

The Minister of Health has been taken out of control of Ebola and it has been turned over to the Minister of Defense who has now become this country’s “Ebola Czar”. We will meet with him and Monty Jones first thing tomorrow morning to set up treatment for 8 to 10 patients recently diagnosed with Ebola.

They will be placed into two groups one receiving a treatment every three hours till four are reached (Robins Fast Trac Four) and the rest getting it Robins Round-the-Clock, 8 treatments a day.

Whichever works best will then be the protocol of choice as developed by Dr. Rowen and myself, the Rowen and Robins Ebola Protocol. We will be outside the center monitoring the reactions and results until I have to leave for the airport to come home.

Dr. Rowen and I have been giving ozone therapy to each other these past few days to prevent any problems. In fact most of the Ministers and workers in the State House want to be treated for preventive reasons. We just don’t have enough supplies at this time to treat all of them. Frankly, we have just enough for the Ebola patients.

Dr. Rowen and I have little doubt that as this treatment cleanses, detoxifies and boosts the immune system so high that Ebola virus will to resisted like bullets off Superman’s chest. People may get it but it will be no worse than a cold or mild flu. Never the less, tomorrow is a very big day, everything we have been working towards these many weeks. Pray it is successful.

Dr Howard Robins

Many Thanks again to Dr. Peter Jovanovic for these continued updates!