Loving my Virtual Fish!

When my kids were little, we had about 10 fish tanks! Some of the BIG ones too!! We really loved our fish but we moved frequently and they became quite the bother to carry around! One by one they slowly disappeared…we missed our fish!! At one point, we were so poor that we couldn’t afford real fish anymore so we drew paper fish to hang in the tank! LOL We didn’t care as long as we had fish 🙂

When I lived in Oklahoma, I had two outdoor goldfish ponds to get my fix but once I moved into the Gypsy Wagon there went my fish. I thought about getting a goldfish in a bowl but I just don’t have much space. Thankfully, I came across a screensaver program called Dream Aquarium which has given me back my fish! I can have several tanks, add, delete, feed and set them up so that they rotate at certain time intervals. It allows me to download images for back drops and you can use those alone or in combination with the tanks that they provide.

You can set the view so that it is wide or follow a single fish if you like, it’s almost like being in the tank with them! When I came across the concept, I also came across some sketchy sites with some free programs. This one was 20 bucks and well worth it!! I hope they add goldfish but for now the rozy barbs will have to do 🙂

Check out this video I made of my tanks, the first round they are feeding so I let it go another round (1 min per tank) so you could see their “normal” activity. I was tempted to add music but I wanted you to hear how soothing it is. Very relaxing!

If you would like to get your own virtual fish like these go to They give 20% of profits to environmentally based charities <3