Just Like a Video Game…

Just Like a Video Game…

I don’t go out much but I was highly encouraged by a friend to go see the movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Knowing this friend has great taste in movies, I went. (ha ha if he was making residual income on the movies he has recommended, he would be a millionaire!).

It was a Fantastic movie! Loud and violent but we are talking about protecting the galaxy here. If you are a gamer, it was EPIC!! I guess World of Warcraft must have been based on these Marvel characters because I have cast most of those spells between my druid and my warlock! I felt like I was one of the characters in the movie, maybe several! LOL

It’s funny, many people dislike video games and I myself didn’t have time or see the value of them, but when I wound up in bed, they saved me. I wasn’t able to be a nurse anymore, but I could still be a healer. I may have been confined to bed but as a Druid I could shapeshift and travel anywhere I wanted.

Come to find out, Life is just like a video game. We play different characters, experimenting and adventuring together or maybe we like to play solo. We find a “class” that we like and although we may decide to try something else for awhile, we always have that “Main” toon that we play best…for me, a Restoration Druid named Somarra.

There are parts that can be played solo. You can easily complete the first 10 20 levels, you can fish and ride your mount, even do some fairly challenging dungeons with a pet by your side but if you really want to get into serious gaming…High tier gear and End game content…if you want to be a KingSlayer, you are going to need a team.

A Guild…with a strong Guild Leader, Sages, Wizards and Warriors…Hunters, Rogues and Healers…everyone has to learn how to play their character. You can’t have people in substandard gear. You can’t take a level 1 into a level 60 dungeon! It is the leveling that gives you the skills and reflexes to be able to function at level 60.

To get to the Epic treasure chests, you are going to have to bond with a group of people and learn how to work together, utilizing each ones unique skills and talents. You have to work together for months, maybe years, helping each other acquire the gear and levels that you need to survive the next part of the story line. Everyone must do their part. The Master Anglers spend hours fishing to make the recipe that boosts the group stats. Herbalists pick hundreds of herbs to make potions. Leatherworkers hunt herds to make armor…Enchanters enchant… Everyone must practice their spells and talents repeatedly, learning the timing and the sequences that will result in the most damage and healing possible. People must be dedicated to working on their own and then coming together for practice. I often thought, if we could just channel this type of teamwork into a business we could be Kings instead of Kingslayers!

Sometimes, even after months of preparation you have a total WIPE. Everyone goes down. Sometimes its a server crash, sometimes you just didn’t prepare enough. Either way, you have to resurect and try again. Sometimes, you just can’t imagine it…you’ve wiped so many times, you feel like it’s impossible. But it’s not. Once you find the right team and the right combination of classes with the right gear…who are willing to show up and do the practice, you can all reap the rewards and claim your Kingdom 🙂


Katherine AKA “Somarra the Kingslayer”