Just a Few Network Marketing Lessons Learned…

Just a few lessons learned so far, not in any particular order, just throwing them out there…

  • Be Interested not Interesting. They don’t care what you know until they know that you care.
  • Ask the right questions, then shut up and listen… Answer their question specifically. Do not tell them about the 16th level Jedi Master triple flip levitation bonus.
  • Build your team once by building relationships.
  • You have to learn to speak to people on the phone. I know it’s scary but when you are calling people who have already requested your information and you can call and offer them value with no agenda, it gets much easier.
  • It’s called netWORK Marketing for a reason. Before you decide to go all in, be sure you educate yourself about this online smorgasbord of get rich quick delights. Just because people are making money in a company does not make it legitimate. Do your research, look up LAWS concerning what constitutes a legal product. Research Ponzi schemes. Look at what people have gone to jail for and compare it to anything you might be considering (or perhaps are already in). Read the policies!!! Know what to look for and look out for, especially wordsmiths.
  • Know that this will be challenging. Especially if you are new to the internet. There is a learning curve but it can be shortened dramatically with the right team and training.
  • All the training you could ever need to be a professional network marketer, is available for free on the internet. Make sure you have a reliable source but keep your money, no need to pay people for information. No one has the 13 Crystal tomes of MLMaria that were just discovered in the Caves of Wisdom…this isn’t rocket science, it’s people skills. There are people dedicated to helping and training people simply out of Gratitude and Respect for the Profession. In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t have the best reputation out there…that’s because people get taught ridiculous techniques and then go out and run off everyone they know. There are many good mentors out there that just want to educate people so that our profession can be recognized for the incredible opportunity it is.
  • People are not numbers.
  • If you have a good product that will keep them alive longer, approach your friends and family otherwise leave Great Grandma alone, there are babies to be rocked!
  • Find a Mastermind of people and stay close to the fire. Make sure they talk about more than just how much you need their next product.
  • A Lone Wolf may survive but a pack will ensure the survival of the species. You need a Team. Mindset and Masterminding are the golden tickets!
  • Be Yourself. Yes, you will have to grow and overcome some things…and yes, you may model after your mentor in some ways but do not change who “you” are. It is your uniqueness and integrity with yourself and others that will bring you Abundance and Prosperity beyond your wildest Dreams <3

Have you found these to be true in your life? What lessons have you learned? Please share one in the comments, Thanks!