How to make a Custom Thumbnail using Jing

Have you ever gone to make a post and wanted a different thumbnail?

Or maybe you made a video but You Tube caught you in the middle of a sentence and every thumbnail has your face contorted like a gumby doll LOL

No fear! With this simple technique you can make whatever Thumbnail you want!

This video is directed towards You Tube videos but thumbnails are used for many posts and you can always use a picture that you have in your files as well (just make sure you own it). You can resize your images if needed using pixlr or your favorite image editing software.

For this lesson, I am using Jing which is a Free program and takes minutes when you know how. As I mention in the video, whenever you are downloading programs be sure to read each thing you are agreeing to and do not download any “extra” toolbars and such, they usually come with malware attached.

I use Jing alot actually. I don’t have a printer so I take screenshots for receipts sometimes and I make banners with screenshots editing them on another free program called pixlr. I know, there are a lot of good editing software out there and I may invest in the future but for now my needs are met with these free programs.

Videos are a Great way to connect with people and for those of you who are shy, you can always do what I have done and do short instructional videos of things you know how to
do. You can even type what you want to teach if you are voice shy. I would highly recommend you give it a try. It’s one of those things that gets easier each time, especially if you don’t try to make it “perfect”.

Just be yourself 🙂 You might think what you know isn’t important enough to make a video on but you would be surprised at the people who have not learned how to copy and paste or make a hyperlink. Some of our knowledge we take for granted, you know WAY more than you think you do! LOL I would be glad to help if you need it!

Share your Wisdom! 🙂 Katherine

  • Carl Davis

    This is Carl Davis and I am on A Share Spree to create Social for All!! I would like to learn more of your Wisdom and knowledge… You offer Greatness & I want to know More… Please!!

    • LiveDreamBelieve

      Hi Carl Davis! Thank you so much! What a Beautiful pic too! Looking forward to learning from YOU!

      • I am looking forward to connecting with you. To see if I may be able with my team of some 37 yr veterans … we can help you become more successful. Connect for free downloadable ebook that is free & all our training.. Connect for more details. I am usually on facebook or skype.. Skype id: windpower2013

        • LiveDreamBelieve

          Yes Carl, Mentoring for Free is definitely the place to be, so glad I am part of the family 🙂