Got Tinnitus? Is Sound Therapy the Answer?

Got Tinnitus? Is Sound Therapy the Answer?

My Mother has suffered with Tinnitus for as long as I can remember. She has Meniere’s disease and lost all of her hearing on one side and almost all of the other. She got a hearing dog (service dog) to help her with sounds like the phone, door or smoke alarm and of course Panella helps her most by making an almost silent world less lonely.

When I talk to her about Meniere’s, it is not the hearing loss or the bout’s of “spinning” that bother her most, it is the neverending Tinnitus. She says that sometimes it drives her literally CRAZY. I understand because my body has been experiencing neverending pain for 10 years now and sometimes it can really get to you.

Unfortunately, hearing aids won’t work to help her hearing. She isn’t a candidate for the implant and other than a few drugs they might try there really hasn’t been much available for Tinnitus. I came across a really neat site today that claims that they have never had a patient they couldn’t help. Could Sound Therapy be the Answer?

I have given my Mother the information (she will be contacting them on Monday) but I wanted to pass this info along because there are so many out there suffering as well. I will let you know if my Mom tries it and how it goes 🙂

Here is the site http://youreardoc.com/

I am super excited to see! I find this fascinating because for one, I’ve been getting messages from my guides about sound healing for some time, for myself. Since we are basically light and vibration ourselves, it makes sense that we can heal ourselves with it.

For those of us with Centralized pain, I believe this same theory could be used. Our pain paths have been etched into our Central Nervous system. Couldn’t the same theory be used providing pleasurable pathways to override the painful ones? Even better would be to heal the tissue altogether! I have tried numerous “frequencies” via cd and internet, frequency machines etc, but maybe I just haven’t found the right ones.

Have you been able to cure your Tinnitus or pain with sound vibration?
Please comment with your thoughts and experiences below, Thanks!!
Love More, Katherine

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  • Zarah

    My tinnitus was cured through ear acupuncture. I found out my ears were really sensitive to the acupuncture treatment. If you were in Tamra’s Esoteric Acupuncture Class, you might try the points for the ears and maybe combine them with Activations. Just an idea …

    • That is a great idea Zarah, yes I was! Thanks! Glad yours was cured!