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Welcome to my Glass page! I fell in Love with Stained Glass long ago. I always admired it but I never thought much about making it until one day, I walked into a stained glass shop and was admiring all the Beautiful pieces. I was fascinated by the glass. It was earth’s art. I especially loved the pieces of glass that held the design within them. You could see it in the grain or the way the colors fell…the texture. I spotted a rack holding some pattern books and eagerly dug into them…my breath taken away when I spotted the fairy book. 

I had never seen stained glass like that! The designs were sublime…done by an Australian artist by the name of Jillian Sawyer. The name of it was Fairie Lights. Absolutely Gorgeous designs! She also has a mermaid book (I don’t have that one but it’s next on the list!) and some others that are all just as fabulous. 

After fawning over every page in the book, I took it and approached the Lady behind the counter. I asked if they gave lessons and when she said yes, I told her I wanted to make one of these…pointing lovingly at the Fairies. She laughed. She told me that when I had been doing stained glass for 10 years I could think about makng one of those! Oh reeealllly…LOL

I promptly purchased all the equipment I needed and signed up for a class. After the first class I went home and made a fairy 🙂 I have been making them since and also drawing my own patterns. Fairies, horses, sunflowers, turtles, dragons, runes, skydivers…well just about anything you want I guess.

I Love working with glass and adding extra “parts” making it 3D. I use horsehair, jewels, stones, feathers, leather…whatever my mind (or yours) envisions. I have done several memorial horses for people who have lost their beloved companion using their hair so that they always have a piece of them and they are much loved. All my pieces are custom so that you can choose the colors and embellishments you love. 

Unfortunately, I am not a photographer so the pictures are not so great but you can get an idea anyway. I have several friends now that are photographers so as I go forward the pics should be imporoving! Sadly, there are countless pieces that were never photographed before shipping and then I lost what pics I had on a computer that crashed so only a few pics left now. 

Each piece is unique, infused with Love. As a Sacred Activation Practitioner if you would like your piece infused with Activations this is something we can discuss. All pieces are Blessed with Healing, Creator knows what you need.

I am unable to take new orders at the moment but will announce it as soon as I am. If you would like to be put on a list for future openings just let me know. Thank you so much for visiting, Enjoy <3


 This piece was really fun to make. The bow, string and bindings are made from copper. The arrowhead is onyx.

purple fairy

The Wings of this fairy are irridescent and change with the angle. This is a Jillian Sawyer design.

Yule fairy

A Yule Fairy, with crystals on her wings.


This one holds an Amethyst. Another Jillian Sawyer design.


The Lady that ordered this just asked for sunflowers and gave me freedom. I gave them theirs.


An Anniversary present. They were hanging it high and wanted a grounds eye view, done from a picture of her husband skydiving. Hard to tell in this pic but the chute is curved.

I had so much fun with this! He has blonde hair made from a paintbrush LOL

orange fairy

This is actually the second fairy I ever made. The first one got broken in a move, maybe I will piece her together one day. This is a Jillian Sawyer design.



Thank you to my friend Anand for this shot. He was experimenting with light. Stained glass is tricky to photograph! This is a memorial horse of a much Loved Therapy horse named Pebbles <3

Wolf Kachina

Wolf Kachina with several 3D elements.



This Aqua Fairy has a butterfly hair piece. This is a Jillian Sawyer design. 



 The featured photo is Jannie’s Medicine Horse.

This was made for a Dear friend of mine in Georgia. The arrowhead is one of a collection that she and her husband collected on their strolls through the Georgia mountains. This is one of my Favorite pieces and she says she never misses a day of reaching out to touch it and soak up some of the energy. Love you Jannie! <3

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