Do You have Malware on Your Computer? I did!

Do You have Malware on Your Computer? I did!

I thought I was protected…I pay for Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software and I also use some other programs as well but I had no idea how much was not getting caught!

As you can see, my computer was INFESTED with worms and trojans!

I met Mark Pierce through a business group I am in on Linkedin, specifically through Dennis Thorgesen who is another IBO toolbox member, Thanks Dennis!!! Dennis is a WordPress Expert and Mark is a WordPress Security Expert.

Thank Goodness for networking and building relationships! Glad I didn’t just spam these guys with a link! LOL

I had no idea my computer was at such risk and I am SO Thankful that Dennis and Mark have been so Generous to me in sharing information and helping me with my computer.

I stay away from “sketchy” sites but I never considered WordPress to be one of them!

As a blogger I guess we need to realize that these hackers target platforms that draw lots of people. They are very tricky how they attach these things and as Mark suggests you need to be running MULTIPLE layers of protection!!

Take a look at my video and see how many snuck through my paid protection…

As you can clearly see, I was not protected at all. I think I mentioned a few in the video but I found even more files that I had to remove from my computer.

I know some of you know about this but SO many do NOT and THINK they are protected! Please Like and Share!

Thank you! Katherine

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