Distraction Problems?

Distraction Problems?

One of the Greatest things about working from home is that you are home πŸ™‚ You don’t have to commute anywhere except to the coffee pot, don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to and for me…I enjoy that sun rising much better from home than through a windshield stuck in traffic.

But working from home can also bring distractions. With the internet, there is no limit to the information available anymore. There are certain curious personality types that can get completely lost in this sea of pixels. I know sometimes I look up and have 15-20 tabs open! LOL

I joke about coming up with the “6 tabs to Success” ebook LOL but seriously, working from home…stuff happens. Things come up, family and friends arrive out of the blue. There are grandchildren to be played with and gardens to be tended πŸ™‚

Which is why we are doing it to begin with right? To have that Freedom? Thats why I do it πŸ™‚

But sometimes distractions get out of balance and we use them to avoid activities that we are uncomfortable with or that we just don’t like to do. At that point, our distraction might become our Dis-Traction…we will just be spinning our wheels and not moving forward.

I heard this take on Dis-Traction from a Wonderful Lady Leader by the name of Terri Werner. I saw her on a hangout that some friends of mine do, non-business specific, interviewing different Wise Women in the industry and really focusing on connecting, relationships…the softer side of MLM. Very Heart Centered.

I thought it was brilliant! I never really thought of it in that literal way. It’s Amazing how suddenly words that we have used forever take on an entirely new meaning that seems so obvious…like they were just little alarm clocks that we kept pressing the snooze button on LOL

If you would like to know more about those hangouts connect with me! Ladies or Gents, there is much to be learned there!

If you are Dis-Tracted and spinning your wheels…Stop. Take a moment to breathe. Re-Focus. Think of your Why. Ask yourself, “How may I best be of Service” You will be told exactly what to do…Listen, you never know, help might just show up right before your eyes.

I Mastermind with a group of people who also have Servant Hearts. Providing Free Mentoring and training for the last ten years just to give back to this Life Changing industry. Giving people the skills they need to become Professional network marketers, utilizing techniques that work and are easily duplicatable. I am SO Impressed with this “Family” of people that are working together to propel everyone forward!

This Saturday night, 8/16/14, we have a free training call on the “5 pillars to Success” which tells you exactly what you need to know to ensure your long term success. This is non-company specific, no business names are mentioned. It is knowledge that anyone in this industry should be aware of. Knowledge gleaned from experience, evaluating hundreds of companies and comp plans and building massive teams. These Leaders are currently Top Performers in their companies and speak from decades of experience.

Join us on the call tomorrow night at 9p EST 1-712-432-5225 code 300300#, be sure to arrive a few minutes early as there is a short recording before you are placed into the call and spots fill up quick, Saturday nights are always packed! If you like what you hear or if you would like a preview, Download this free e-book http://10steps.livedreambelieve.me and see if it resonates with you.

Having accurate information, being part of a Mastermind of Amazing people and taking simple daily steps will give you all the traction you need… discovering Mentoring For Free is like putting it into 4L in a snow storm πŸ™‚