Did you know that your “safe” white Composite Dental Fillings contain BPA?

Did you know that your “safe” white Composite Dental Fillings contain BPA?

I guess this shouldn’t surprise me….are they intentially poisoning us? They have known that these dental products leach BPA since 2006!

As if mercury poisoning wasn’t enough for our bodies to deal with now they are putting BPA in our mouths. You know, the stuff that everyone is avoiding because of the serious health effects?

I cannot think of any medical field that needs to be more concerned with non-toxic materials than Dentistry, can you?? In our mouths we have extreme temperatures and pressure which can cause all kinds of breakdown and releasing of these toxins.

Shouldn’t they be testing this stuff before they place it in an environment where we are constantly absorbing whatever is being offgassed in our mouth? Think about how quickly your cheek heals when you accidentally bite it. That is because it is completely loaded with blood vessels! Those vessels carry every toxin that is in there to the rest of your body.

BPA (Bisphenol-A) is an endocrine disruptor with long reaching effects on our systems, especially those of children. Many people and parents have paid THOUSANDS of dollars to have the mercury removed from their mouths…to get the “safe” white fillings…are you kidding me? Now those will need to be removed? This is insane!

“A CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) study found 95% of adult human urine samples and 93% of samples in children had bisphenol A…. guess we don’t have to wonder why any more!

BPA has been linked with Heart disease, Diabetes, Reproductive disorders, Impotence,Hyperactivity, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer…I don’t expect you to take my word, read the studies for yourself and decide.

The FDA has tried to deny the consequences, saying that with the “small exposure” that we get in food we are entirely safe. Wait…if its such a small amount how come it is in everyone’s urine?

First of all, we are talking about something that is in our mouth all the time so that is not a small exposure and secondly I could truly care less what the FDA says as there are too many special interests involved and too much money changing hands to believe a thing they say, approve or disapprove, it is ALL agenda driven and needs acomplete restructure!

I cannot tell you the number of devastatingly ill people that I speak to and have cared for that are completely disabled from surgical mesh, implants and other synthetic “materials” that are under tested and rushed to market without concern for the consequences. Evidently this is yet another example.

You must take an active stance and research EVERYTHING you put in your body! Period.

A Huge Thank you to Dr. Alex Shvartsman @ for bringing this to my attention through his blog 0829/bisphenol-should-you-be-concerned-about-your-fillings