Detoxifying or Retoxifying?

Many of you know, that I recently stopped several projects to focus my energy on my health. Actually, I was already working on it and over did a bit. Just part of the journey, but I really needed to stop for a moment and recalculate my gps. My Central nervous system was overwhelmed, my pain was increasing, muscles were in constant spasm, fatigue was immobilizing me, my brain wasn’t processing, gut quit digesting, I could “feel” the heat and inflammation in my body, I started reacting to all kinds of foods and my emotions became labile. Let’s just say, I’ve definitely felt better! LOL

My “Smoke Alarm” was going off! I just wasn’t sure what was causing it. Was it food allergies? 10 years of Intractable pain? My gut? Nerve damage? Lack of movement? I even tested for CO2 and gas fumes since I live in a 12×12 space and cook with propane.

I am proof that the body is an Amazing Healing Machine so I decided it was probably just something I was missing nutritionally, perhaps diet and lack of movement, but adding supplements and making diet changes made little difference. In fact, I felt better when I didn’t eat at all, until I would crash from low sugar. It’s possible I was reducing the amount of mercury vapors I was exposing myself to by not eating.

My gentle attempts at more exercise only increased the inflammation, pain and exhaustion. All my “remedies”, herbs and essential oils didn’t seem to help. I know how pain promotes inflammation…and inflammation promotes pain so I decided to take a look and see if there was anything obvious to deal with.

I had some testing and imaging done which helped pinpoint some structural areas in need of help. I had torn a disc and the areas I have previously injured had degenerated further but I have seen worse films. A surgeon recommended a procedure that, although I am Grateful to know is an option, would be my last option. It may be a “permanent” pain solution that he offers, but to me it is still symptom based.

I don’t enjoy my pain, but I am Thankful that it lets me know when something is wrong. Destroying the nerves would cut that communication. Bottom line is, all the changes I see in my spine came from my birth defect, injuries, surgeries, metabolic mishap and inflammation.

I found a good chiropractor for adjustments, ordered some home traction units and plan to do daily traction with heat after drinking medically ozonated water. I will continue to search for movements that help and be more careful and diligent with them.

That should help bring that spine back to life 🙂

I was an RN for 20 years so I understand how busy Doctors are. Most don’t have time to look at the whole picture. Each one has their specialty and looks at you only through their set of criteria. I am Grateful for specialists, don’t get me wrong! I wouldn’t be here without them! However, sometimes we wind up treating symptoms or trying to fix organs, hormones, allergies and systems without ever really looking at the underlying cause of all of it, inflammation and toxicity, and then figuring out what is causing that.

Thankfully, in my attempt to help myself and others, I am led to the most Amazing people 🙂 (Update 4/19/15) Here are two Doctors who are both going at cellular detoxification but their approaches and diet recommendations are completely 180 from each other. I tried Dr. Pompa’s diet and did not do well myself so I am going with Dr. Morse’s suggestions and herbs, so far so good! I Love Dr. Morse! His diet recommendations were not that difficult for me but I realise that not everyone will go for it so I am leaving Dr. Pompa’s up. If you are unwilling to give up dairy, meat and eggs at least switching to grass fed is better than nothing.

Dr. Morse has helped over 100,000 patients heal their body from Cancer, MS, Fibro, Pain, Migraines, IBS, Diabetes, Spinal Cord Damage, Autoimmune diseases, etc etc What Dr. Morse say’s makes more sense for me, you have to make your own decisions on what works best for you. He has tons of videos up on Youtube so go check him out!

Here is an Incredible interview between Dr. Daniel Pompa and a gentleman who was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Terry Heninger was told by his oncologist that he had only months to live. He suggested aggressive chemotherapy, never mentioning diet or lifestyle changes…in fact his office served candy to the steady line of zombies that cycled in and out. Terry’s oncologist told him that he was just “unlucky” to get the cancer. He never considered the 45 years of diet soda, the pesticide intake and exposure, the years of smoking, the heavy metal load that his body was under…Thankfully, Terry found Dr. Pompa.

Dr. Pompa focuses on Cellular Healing. He understands that toxins, heavy metals, improper diet, thought, lifestyle and lack of motion interfere with hormonal balance and neurotransmitters in the body. This results in cellular inflammation which prevents the exchange of nutrients, oxygen, metabolites and toxins in and out of the cells. He also believes that if heavy metals and toxins are present, they must be addressed first.

He himself suffered from mercury poisoning that was overlooked for years due to improper testing. Even as a physician who was in excellent shape with access to everything his body needed, he was unable to make progress with his illness. Once diagnosed, like many of us, he tried every detox regimen he found. What he discovered (like myself), is that most detox protocols are either worthless, full of metals themselves or manage to “mobilize” the metals and toxins but not clear them of the body.

In my case, I know I am mercury and aluminum toxic by test results. Running around behind mosquito trucks as a kid, breaking thermometers to play with the mercury in my hands, mandatory school immunizations, crop spraying exposure, mandatory immunizations throughout my nursing career, numerous MRI’s with contrast due to my injuries, lead exposure from doing stained glass, environmental exposure from nursing, food exposure to glyphosate, pesticides, fungicides, GMO’s etc (yet another blog post) and I may be getting exposed to heavy metals, pesticides and mold through the medical marijuana that I use for pain. Last but definitely not least, 8 amalgam fillings and an intermittantly painful root canal in my mouth.

In fact, toxicity may very well have been my problem recently. I was doing numerous “healthy” things that may have mobilized the heavy metals in my body. I recently had a colonoscopy requiring anesthesia and with my slow gut motility and pudendal neuralgia it took about 3 weeks to regain my “abnormal normal” bowel function. I was probably reabsorbing a lot of toxins during that time. I need to Detoxify not Retoxify.

I have known the dangers of mercury for many years. I know the effects it can have on the body and I know that many of my symptoms may be attributed to it or would at least be exacerbated by it. I should have found a way to properly address it long ago. I kept using finances as an excuse and trying to “support” my body without removing the amalgams but as Warren explains in the video, there are organizations that spend MILLIONS of dollars to do environmental cleanup on lakes or land that have been contaminated with amounts of mercury FAR less than what is in my mouth. I guess a few thousand doesn’t sound so impossible after all, hopefully the Dentist has a pay plan 🙂

I need to remove the interference.

The fillings in my mouth are not only a constant exposure to mercury, copper & nickel but they also cause an electrical “static”. Root canal’s can contain hundreds of different strains of bacteria and with mine hurting occasionally that may be another source of inflammation and toxins. It is however, very dangerous to just have them removed. Dr. Pompa learned the hard way.

Removing amalgam is literally an environmental clean up job. There are unbelievable precautions that must be taken to prevent acute exposure to the client, practitioner and environment. We really should honor these Brave Dentists that risk exposure to help us!

Once the “source” has been removed, then the stores of metals in the brain and body must be addressed. Slowly and safely. I cannot do a 10 day “Master Cleanse” and think I am clearing my brain of stored mercury and aluminum. It’s a long process, but once the metals are gone, I will have a much clearer picture of what is going on in my body. All my cells and organs will be functioning more effectively and my immune and central nervous system can calm down. Here is an explanation of the process.

Sadly, the ADA continues to say amalgam is safe (except for children and pregnant women?) but as I watch other countries ban it, I will just have to go with my gut, observations and the experiences of others who report that they saved their lives by removing the metals from their body. Mercury is toxic. Removal seems a logical next step.

Not long ago, as I hung the calendar for the New Year, it occurred to me that I am not afraid of dying…but I sure am afraid of Living sometimes, at least like this. I realized that when I gave Thanks in the morning upon wakening, it wasn’t always for the new day and the new opportunity, some days it was just for one more day of pain being behind me. It was a sad realization, yet it drew my compassion and I reminded myself of the Miracles I have experienced, witnessed and been part of for others.

I am open to other possibilities 🙂

I am going to target the cause; toxicity, inflammation and aberrant electrical activity.The amalgams and root canal must go! Thankfully, I live in a town with a well trained biological Dentist (he even uses Ozone!! Woooooot!!) and have people like Dr. Morse and his team to help guide me through the detox!

I imagine, in a year or two (I am totally open to sooner!!) I will have an entirely new body and be back to doing all the things I Love! In the meantime, I will continue to take steps each day towards Health, no matter how seeminly small or insignificant and continue to be Grateful for a body that does so much to protect, guide and communicate with me.

Self Love is key, you’ll be seeing more posts about that!

Love you guys, will keep you updated on how things are going 🙂 I know I said I was going to give less advice this year but if you have amalgams or a root canal, even if it’s not bothering you, please do some research on it and make an informed decision before keeping them.

LiveDreamBelieve, Katherine <3