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For more information on Ross’s case please visit his website at  You can donate BTC through the QR below. 100% of donations goes towards his legal fund.

Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? It is without question the best known coin, in good and bad ways. It got a bad rap a few years ago when an illegal site was found to be distributing drugs over the internet…helloooo? There is no question whatsoever that the USD has purchased more drugs, arms etc than bitcoin ever thought to! Ross Ulbricht is the young man that started that site. He didn’t sell any drugs himself but because he was the owner of the site he was charged. This has not happened for any other online site and is obviously a political statement. This CANNOT STAND!

It’s true, they needed to be more secure but that is where the coins that followed them have had to chance to improve their systems. AND Believe it or not, Silk Road saved lives by at least allowing people to get “clean” drugs, safely from home, without having to risk their lives in some back alley. Ross just wanted a site where people could make their own choices as long as they were not harming others. The sentence he received is ridiculous.

Governments do not understand Crypto so they fear it. Thankfully our US National Security Advisor is starting to understand how important blockchain technology can be  for us!

US National Security Advisor: Bitcoin Needs to Be Understood, Not Feared


Although, Bitcoin was originally thought to be “monopoly money”, over the last 8 years it has shown itself to be a true asset. Regulated as a commodity by the US and as currency by Europe now, more and more governments, banks and teaching institutions are jumping onto the Crypto wave! Are you ready?


On this page I will be sharing Cryptocurrency news and ways that you can benefit yourself and others by learning more about what is being called the 7th disruption! What is a disruption? It is a technology that really changes everything about an industry. Think what Napster did to the music industry…or Redbox and Netflix on the Blockbuster and movie theaters? They changed Everything! Major music labels gone! Thousands of video rental stores and theaters closed down! Look at what email did to the US Postal Service!!! and it’s happening again except in the Finance industry, its called Cryptocurrency.

What are the Seven Disruptions? Television, Internet, Email, Ecommerce, Mobile phones and internet, Social Media and now Cryptocurrency.

Think about how each of these technologies has changed things! No one ever thought the TV would catch on! LOL

When the internet came out, everyone thought it was a SCAM!! LOL

We all said, “I’m not using that email thing and putting my information on the web” but look at us now!

No one believed that people would shop online for things like shoes or clothes, much less food and all the options we have today!!

Having the internet at our fingertips has indeed changed us as a people, both in good and not so good ways but you have to admit, being able to video chat with your Loved ones is VERY COOL!

Social Media has also completely changed how we communicate and it is bringing together like minded people from around the world who are Being the Change!

And now, we can give World Wide options to all those who do not even have access to banking where they live. We can have Freedom from government regulated currencies which are strapped with more debt than what they are worth. We can eliminate the costly fees that the banks charge for transactions by being our own bank using Cryptocurrency! We can make a transaction with anyone in the world with nothing more than a cell phone! These are EXCITING times!! Not to mention, if you know how to choose the right crypto, it will be an appreciating asset as well! I own BTC and several Altcoins now!  My newest acquisition is PROCurrency! Watching it!

Let me show you how easy it is to MINE PROCurrency!!! It’s a POS coin so you can mine on a laptop, no huge rigs needed!

Stay up to date on the Latest Crypto News here and earn FREE BTC while you read!

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Take a look at some of these articles and you will begin to get an idea of how BIG this really is! This many articles come out in a week! It’s CRAZY how FAST this industry is GROWING!! Will you benefit?


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Hasbro Removes Bank And Cash From Monopoly To Avoid Corruption

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As you can see, Cryptocurrency is expanding in every direction!

This is a Global Movement! Putting the power of finance back into the peoples hands by educating them on how money works!! Put your money to work for you!

I now own about 10 different kinds of Digital Currency and am THRILLED with them! So much so that I want to help other people learn about it!

I would be glad to help you get started! I missed bitcoin as it was going up, no way am I going to miss this one! You shouldn’t either!

EDUCATION IS KEY! Once you learn about the industry and how to analyse coins you can apply that knowledge over and over and over again!

If you would like more information or would like to get started with digital currency, Lets Talk! Cryptocurrencies are also disrupting the remittance industry!!!




It will be an Exciting decade for Crypto!! Every day more and more articles come out about Bitcoin, Altcoins or the Blockchain. Were you around when the internet started? Apple? Google? GroupOn? Did you miss out on them? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

This is by far the most profitable thing I have ever been involved with! Trading digital currencies is risky but all you need is one good venture on a coin to completely change your life! I have changed mine!

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