Canva Presentation on Whole Body Vibration use with Diabetes

I like to keep things Free LOL so Canva is a perfect addition to my marketing toolbox!

I have several free graphic programs that I use, depending on the task at hand but when a friend mentioned that she needed a powerpoint presentation for a Diabetes lecture, I knew that Canva was the “Go To” program!

This has to be the simplest platform I know of. Everything is click or drag and drop. You can layer things but it is much simpler than other programs I’ve used. You can upload your own pics or choose from THOUSANDS of free to use images. They also have payed images for $1.00 a piece which is a small price to pay for what this site offers. The presentation that I made for Caritas was absolutely free to make.


They have thousands of templates that are editable, in fact you can check a box and have a link to give someone permission to edit your piece so this can be a group project as well! You can share straight to Twitter or FB and it also gives you a link and download to image or PDF…your brain should be thinking E-book about now…what do you know that you could write about? I have several ideas myself!

I do volunteer work for the Caritas Center so this was pro bono but I imagine there are people who would gladly pay for one of these presentations for their business or product.

As you will see, I was able to pull in their logo and use it throughout the presentation to help brand them. Everything about these pages is editable. They offer more than adequate choices and I can see where people might profit from being able to send a presentation to a client, as personalized as needed.

In this case, ZaaZ Whole Body Vibration machines have been proven to be very beneficial for Diabetes, both Type I and Type II. I was able to highlight all the Amazing benefits of using WBV and present pubmed studies, contact info and even celebrity endorsements for the ZaaZ machines. I will let you scroll through the presentation if you are interested. I think all of us know someone with Diabetes so it’s good information to pass along to them and obviously these benefits help MANY other conditions besides Diabetes. Ask the Denver Broncos players that use them 🙂

Caritas Spiritist Center is a non-profit Healing and Education Center here in Boulder, CO. They offer the WBV machines to benefit clients and the sales of the machines help fund the center so that we can provide Free Energy Healing and bring World-Renowned Speakers into our center for the Education and Expansion of our Community. These machines can be shipped so by all means if you decide to purchase one, please purchase through Caritas and help us help others 🙂 Tell them Katherine sent you!


I can think of so many cool ways to use this! I want to put together some of the best pics from my trip to Alaska, this might be just the ticket! I hope you go check it out at 🙂
Let me know what you think!