Can you Imagine if We Knew this as Children?

Well, we did, but were quickly reprogrammed.
Kids are the Masters!!!
Talk about Instant Manifestation! LOL

Children get WHAT they want WHEN they want it! How did we lose such a valuable skill? It’s great that so many of us are starting to get a clue but can you imagine if we knew this as children and kept it throughout our lives how different we might be?

If nothing else we would be a little easier on ourselves and others.

I have Great Hope for our future if we start raising our children with these concepts from birth. Stop Shaming them into submission and let these kids know how Powerful they are!!

Forget the 50 year learning curve!! LOL

I know that probably every generation has felt this way…but I really Believe we are shifting our way of doing things. We are Amazing Co-Creators…we’ve just been creating a bunch of stuff that wasn’t in the best interest of All. Now that we know, we can create something that is <3

As a Grandmother of Five, I will definitely be checking out this book!

Mindset…learning how to control my mind, change my perspective, communicate with others…these are all skills that serve me every day. We need to teach our children and grandchildren but first we better get it down ourselves LOL

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  • Absolutely! My grandson came to my house this past weekend with a “dream catcher” that he had made, only this was not like the Indian ones. It was a box with his dreams written on paper and he had decorated this box. Made it in school. I thought it was pretty cool. I told him to keep it always and to never give up on his dreams!

    • That is AWESOME Theresa! Sounds like he is on the right track!! 🙂 I have hope that these kids can create something MUCH better than we have so far! <3