Are You Saving Fish?

Isn’t Life Amazing? Everything has changed SO much just in my short 50 years! We used to receive an occasional phone call from a friend or maybe a letter. Now we get multiple messages by the hour, sometimes by the minute!  It’s crazy… But that is not the type of message I am talking about in this post. … Read more

The Driving Force – Power of the Mastermind

This is a 30 day Mental Cleanse assignment based on Chapter 10 of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill “Money is as shy and elusive as the “old time” maiden. It must be wooed and won by methods not unlike those used by a determined lover, in pursuit of the girl of his choice. And, coincidental as … Read more

Reboot and Reprogram your Brain!

As a member of several masterminds that are studying different teachings there is definitely a common thread… Reboot and Reprogram your Brain! Maxwell Maltz in The New Psychocybernetics talks about How to Unlock your True Personality. I think one of the best ways to do that is to reprogram yourself. Whether you dive deep into your childhood memories and wallow in … Read more

The Sustained effort Necessary to induce Faith

This is a 30 day mental cleanse assignment based on Chapter 9 of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill… There are at least 20 blog posts I can do on this chapter but today I am going to focus on the title. Persistence-The Sustained effort Necessary to induce Faith I can’t think of a … Read more

Watch your Words in your Why!

I want to start by saying, I shared my “Why” with my team recently to encourage them to actually write out their whys and one of them asked if I was going to share it publically. I said I wasn’t sure since there is some “personal” stuff in there. After giving it some thought, I … Read more

AHA moments come at the strangest times!

AHA moments come at the strangest times! Isn’t it strange how Life reveals itself to us? This morning on our Mastermind Hangout, Sandy had an AHA moment with something that was said. Even though she had heard it a THOUSAND times before and I’m sure taught it a thousand times as well… Today was different…it … Read more

Have you read the policies and procedures of “your” company?

Have you read the policies and procedures of  “your” company? If you did, did you understand what it said? Did you know what to look for…and look out for? What I am about to tell you is going to come as a shock to some people. My intent is to explain why I am making some of the … Read more

Starting Over


Missing blogging but needed to change platforms (again)…unfortunately my blogs are scattered at the moment so going to try to consolidate them here and find some Balance. Looking forward to having a spot to pen some thoughts again!  Lots to share 🙂 Katherine