YOU can help SAVE WOLVES in less than one minute a day!

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to protecting both wolves in captivity and in the wild from extinction. WMS was founded in 1976 by Tonya Littlewolf, and runs solely on donations from those who value these majestic creatures. Due to the heat and toxicity of the land where the compound is currently, Tonyas … Read more

Got Tinnitus? Is Sound Therapy the Answer?


Got Tinnitus? Is Sound Therapy the Answer? My Mother has suffered with Tinnitus for as long as I can remember. She has Meniere’s disease and lost all of her hearing on one side and almost all of the other. She got a hearing dog (service dog) to help her with sounds like the phone, door … Read more

Loving my Virtual Fish!


When my kids were little, we had about 10 fish tanks! Some of the BIG ones too!! We really loved our fish but we moved frequently and they became quite the bother to carry around! One by one they slowly disappeared…we missed our fish!! At one point, we were so poor that we couldn’t afford … Read more

The Energy Aspect of Healing

I have been reminded by Spirit that I’m supposed to write more about the Energy aspect of healing. I often speak of healing but more in terms of nutrients, toxins or new scientific discoveries rather than in vibrational terms and that is obviously the most important part! LOL I think that part comes so naturally I … Read more

Detoxifying or Retoxifying?


Many of you know, that I recently stopped several projects to focus my energy on my health. Actually, I was already working on it and over did a bit. Just part of the journey, but I really needed to stop for a moment and recalculate my gps. My Central nervous system was overwhelmed, my pain was increasing, muscles … Read more

A New Beginning


A New Beginning Much Love to you All…there is nothing like a New Year to bring Renewed Hope and a sense of starting over….A New Beginning. I have been absent for some time now…unable to collect my thoughts any further than basic survival to be Truthful. Some days my goal has been to eat a … Read more

Staying Slim without Exercise


Staying Slim without Exercise There are many reasons that people can be Exercise “Challenged”…You might be too busy or live in a harsh climate with no room for equipment. Perhaps you have physical challenges or maybe you just don’t like to exercise! LOL I myself Love to exercise but my body does not tolerate it. … Read more

Canva Presentation on Whole Body Vibration use with Diabetes


I like to keep things Free LOL so Canva is a perfect addition to my marketing toolbox! I have several free graphic programs that I use, depending on the task at hand but when a friend mentioned that she needed a powerpoint presentation for a Diabetes lecture, I knew that Canva was the “Go To” … Read more