Can you Imagine if We Knew this as Children?


Well, we did, but were quickly reprogrammed. Kids are the Masters!!! Talk about Instant Manifestation! LOL Children get WHAT they want WHEN they want it! How did we lose such a valuable skill? It’s great that so many of us are starting to get a clue but can you imagine if we knew this as children and … Read more

Were you one of the 5 Million whose Gmail account was recently compromised?

Do you have a Gmail account? Have you checked it to make sure it wasn’t one of the 5 Million that were compromised? I will provide a link below where you can go check for free! Thankfully, mine wasn’t! I remember hearing something about this and I think I changed my password at the time … Read more

Who’s Driving Your Train?

It’s funny, for years all we heard of was the “Secret”…then another wave of teaching came along saying the “Secret” was incomplete…that they didn’t include the emotional involvement that is required to activate this “Law of Atrraction”. I guess they never read Think and Grow Rich! We are born into a world of programming. As … Read more

Did you know that your “safe” white Composite Dental Fillings contain BPA?


Did you know that your “safe” white Composite Dental Fillings contain BPA? I guess this shouldn’t surprise me….are they intentially poisoning us? They have known that these dental products leach BPA since 2006! As if mercury poisoning wasn’t enough for our bodies to deal with now they are putting BPA in our mouths. You know, … Read more

Faith it ’til You Make It!

Faith is a word that holds different meanings for many people. Most associate it with some branch of religion or belief system. As I do not follow a certain religion or belief system, I do not. I do however have Faith. I have had many experiences in my life which lead me to have Faith or … Read more