15,000 Free IBO Credits for new Go Daddy customers!

15,000 Free IBO Credits for new Go Daddy customers

IBO toolbox is a great free platform for business owners and entrepreneurs. No gimmicks, just a fantastic set of tools to help you promote your business and connect with other like-minded individuals. Unlike some social networking sites, IBO Toolbox is all about business! You can even place Free banner ads using credits that you earn by writing press releases or commenting and interacting with others.

IBO is always giving us ways to earn free credits. Today, I will highlight an easy way for you to earn 15,000 free credits!! Thats a lot of banner ads and even more text ads! It’s very simple to make an ad, don’t let it scare you off. Kris Karafotas offers a IBO Starter Pack to get you going and she does really great training twice a week to help you utilize everything IBO has to offer. If your company already has banners it is simply copy and paste 🙂

To get your free credits, log into your IBO account and from your dashboard click on Credit Center. This page explains everything you need to know about credits. Keep scrolling down and you will see “Earn IBO Ad Credits”

There you will find hundreds of offers where you can earn credits for participating in trial subscriptions, filling out surveys, watching videos, making purchases etc…there is something there for everyone.

If you happen to be in the market for a domain name and you are a brand new Go Daddy customer, you can earn 15,000 Free IBO credits! (please read the requirements of each offer thoroughly before committing to it).

So there you go, free platform, free advertising…Great Group of People! It just doesn’t get any better. Hope this post was helpful…I wish I had known about this offer before I purchased my Go Daddy domains! LOL

See you on IBO!

PS. If you are not a member of IBO just click here 🙂